Instructions on How to Write an Article Critique APA

One of the best ways for students to develop an excellent ability to think critically and acquire analytical skills is learning how to write an article critique APA and other academic papers. However, as much as it might seem not a too complicated a task, you will find that the majority of students around the globe do not know the requirements for article critique APA format and fail to complete their writing assignments. It means that many college and university students should learn in detail how to complete article critique APA assignments.

How to Cite a Newspaper Article APA

One of the main reasons behind the above-average failure rate is that students are not competent in writing academic papers and do not know how to cite a newspaper article APA. Probably, this is because students rarely get adequate guidelines in the classroom to help them produce good papers. One of the widespread questions asked by students, who face difficulties with academic writing, concerns how to cite a newspaper article APA with no author. This is topical even for those few students, who have received great lessons in writing.

How to Cite a Magazine Article in APA

Before wondering how to cite a magazine article in APA you should learn how to critique articles. Remember that most problems with academic writing can be easily solved when you have clear instructions about the process and the required paper format. Below, you will find a short guideline on producing an article critique and learn how to cite a magazine article in APA in text.

Steps to Write an Article Critique

The first thing you need to do is to get a clear understanding of the process that is coming up. To provide you with some kind of definition, an article critique is often viewed as a type of feedback that an analytical reader suggests after reading that article. However, many students misunderstandings this, as the word “critique” confuses them. They assume that such assignments require them only to criticize the author and his or her ideas.

Nevertheless, the main purpose of an article critique outline APA is to highlight and make a comprehensive summary of the main ideas of the article’s author. In this summary, you have to provide your arguments and explain whether the author presented his or her thoughts effectively. Eventually, you have to consider the reliability of the author’s sources and evaluate how he or she has organized the article.

Read the Article Thoroughly

Before you start writing an article critiquing APA style, it is necessary to read the article itself in detail not less than twice. While reading it for the first time, you will acquire an overall view of the topic and how it is organized. While reading it for the second time, you should also identify the key points and their supporting details. Furthermore, you may take some notes on the presented kinds of support that the author uses for the main ideas and find out whether these sources are trustworthy.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the information you have to provide differs from merely presenting another piece of feedback. A good example of the ordinary type of feedback is simply reporting if you liked the content of an article and if you agree with the author’s point of view. Instead, if you are wondering how to critique an article, do your best to explain the information which is presented and try to evaluate it impartially. When you acquire a clear understanding of the writer's purpose, you will be ready to start your writing.

Use Practical Guidelines

Begin with providing general data, including the author and title. Then, start analyzing the article in detail. The most effective article critique template consists of the following questions:

  1. Imagine you are a newspaper editor. After a thorough reading, would you print this article? Provide reasons as to how you made this decision.
  2. Can you say this article is well-written? Describe the tone used to write it, and its target audience, and find out whether the article’s author provides reasons why readers should read it.
  3. Do you think the information is presented logically? Ensure to analyze the presented ideas and find out whether they are organized properly and indicate your opinion in your APA-style article critique. This will help you in assessing the unity and sequence of the paper.
  4. Does the author provide any research? If yes, make sure to determine its validity and mention whether there are statistics or historical contexts included in the article.
  5. Eventually, highlight the strong and weak points of the article. In the end, provide a brief and clear summary of your main ideas and arrange them in a logical way that will fit into the required format.

Select an Effective Writing Style

Before you start writing your journal article critique APA, ensure that you have chosen the style that perfectly fits it. If the answer is yes, you will demonstrate to your professor that you are a diligent student. Do not mention senseless details and avoid unnecessary repetitions.

Remember that the more time you take for practicing, the better chances you have to produce an outstanding academic paper. This concerns not only academic writing; the more you practice, the better outcome you have! So take enough time and work on your assignment thoroughly. Good luck!