Learn to Earn Profit with Our Affiliate Program

Our academic writing agency providing custom writing help for students from all over the world remains on top of companies providing similar services. Even though we have an excellent reputation, we have decided that our clients deserve some form of gratitude and respect for their trust. So, we have devised an appealing affiliate program that inspires our clients not only to save money on time to be able to order custom writing services whenever needed but also to earn money, particularly while cooperating with us. We have developed the affiliate program with the main aim of easing your financial burden and helping you earn. Once you start participating in the affiliate program, you will earn your own money for our writing and editing services. Read on to find out how.

If you find the idea of an affiliate program an attractive one, please take into account that you will have to take part in the promotional campaign. You will be expected to share promotional information about our company to win new customers. Therefore, you will need to find a specific target audience (i.e. students) and share facts about our company and its advantages with them. You can send the information to your peers, groupmates, friends, etc. For this work, you will receive bonuses that you will be able to use for your order payment.

What Our Affiliate Program Provides:

  • If you are on our program, you will get a 10% bonus each time a new customer brought by you places his/ her first paper on Best-Essay-Service.org;
  • A new customer who joins our service on your recommendation gets a 17% discount. It is a one-time discount and it is given only for the first-time order.

How the Affiliate Program Functions:

  1. To promote our service among your friends and peers, open your account and go to the “Affiliate Program” tab.
  2. Look through the information provided in the section and pay specific attention to such things as the promotional code, the email form*, and the link to the affiliate program information.
  3. Copy the referral link to the company’s affiliate program section and share the link among your friends. These should be people potentially interested in our services.
  4. Each person who gets the email from you and opens the promo code will be remembered by our system.
  5. The promo code can be used once and it guarantees a 17% discount. The discount is provided automatically. You do not need to do any further actions.

*In the “My friends’ email” form, insert the email address of your friends or peers who can be potential clients to our company. The email they get will provide them with a detailed explanation of what services the company provides and what it is about.

Advantages of Best-Essay-Service.org Affiliate Program

The fundamental principle of the affiliate program provided by our company is the bonus system. Particularly, you get bonuses every time you attract a new customer to our company, who places the first custom order. One bonus equals 10% and you can accumulate these bonuses in a private account. You can use the bonuses for providing payments for the papers you order. If there are enough bonuses, you can use all of them to pay for the paper. Or, you can use a part of them to proceed with a partial payment. Another great thing is that the bonuses can be withdrawn from your banking account in money equivalent.

Do not even hesitate and join our affiliate program. You will learn fast how you can earn money with us.