How to Write an Interview Essay

How to Write an Interview Essay

Professors do assign interview essays not as often as other types of academic writing but students should still be aware of how to write an interview essay easily and effectively. Working on an interview essay is a great way of practicing how to compose good and comprehensible questions and ask them properly.

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Besides, while working on an interview essay, a student will better know how to structure the questions and formulate them effectively depending on the target audience. On the whole, writing academic papers is a time-consuming and difficult job, so if you do not want to spend much time on this tedious process, feel free to order papers from our professional writing service. 

What Is an Interview Essay

Before you sit down to write your interview paper, make sure you clarify for yourself, “What is an interview essay?” Take sufficient time for yourself to find a clear definition of an interview essay and get an in-depth understanding of how it is written, what structure it has, and how it differs from the other types of writing. If you have a look at some samples, you will see that an interview essay is a concise representation of what an interviewed person thinks of the provided topic or aspect under discussion. As such, if you are assigned an interview essay to support your research, you should interview some researcher or scholar and use his/ her opinion as the expert one. 

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With the help of an interview essay, you can delve deeper into the topic and investigate it through the prism of one’s personal experience, some real-life examples, and crucial life lessons that were learned by the interviewee. Thus, one of the important strategies while writing an interview essay is to summarize the interview right after you have taken it. This approach will ensure that you do not omit any specific and important details. 

Guidelines on How to Write a Successful Interview Essay

  1. Outline the aim and objectives of your work and decide on the topic. You need to decide in advance which person you will interview, particularly what sphere you would like to focus on. 
  2. Start the research process. You need to make sure that you find reputable and updated sources that can be used as expert supporting evidence for some of your claims or arguments. 
  3. After you have chosen the purpose of your work and the scope of research, decide which person you would like to interview. Here take into account the educational background of your interviewee, profession, interests, accomplishments, etc. 
  4. Compose a list of interview questions for an effective interview. Make sure that you rank the questions starting from the least important. 

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Interview Essay Types

Have a look at the following 3 interview essay examples to get a deeper understanding of the essay structure. 

  1. Narrative Interview Essay

This type of interview essay assignment should include the parts that make up a real narrative academic essay. Particularly, include ample description, provide vivid details, and write an explanation and interpretation of the information you have provided. If you want to make the interview essay interesting and lively, then you need to compose a great and interesting story out of the interview you conducted with your interviewee. The story should be original, unique, and creative with an interesting plot, characters, and derived lessons. 

  1. Career Interview Essay

To assist one get the job of his/ her dreams, it is a must to focus on the following aspects when writing a career interview essay. As a rule, a majority of people dream of working in large corporations and prospective companies but they cannot devote sufficient time to work on a resume or CV to look competitive among the other applicants. 

  1. Personal Interview

A regular personal interview format differs from an ordinary interview paper. The personal interview should be based on the information gathered from the dialogue between an interviewer and an interviewee with a focus on the most interesting/ shocking/ unexpected answers. Keep in mind that you should formulate a strong and clear thesis statement, where you will put forward an argument as to why it was interesting/ significant, etc. for you to get answers from that particular interviewee. 

  1. College entrance essay

This paper type resembles that of a career interview since a candidate needs to share information about his/ her life philosophy, career goals, dreams, beliefs, experience, educational background, life values, etc. The main difference is that the student aims to impress the admission committee at college rather than get the desired job position. 

  1. Leadership essay

To start a leadership essay effectively, you may use a hook in the introduction, where you may provide some quotes or a controversial fact about the topic. As such, when writing an interview essay on the leadership topic, make sure you come up with a list of effective questions. Get familiar with different tests on leadership styles and ways of ruling. 

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You should never underestimate the role that interviews play in your life. Whether you just need to devise a set of questions or you just need to compose an interview essay, it is essential to work diligently on the questions, their formulation, and the actual process of leading a dialogue with another person. If you have been assigned to write an interview essay, you need to pay careful consideration to the interview essay format and the overall paper organization. In case you lack adequate skills or sufficient time to prepare for the task properly, feel free to seek guidance from our company. 

An Interview Essay Outline

The format of an interview essay depends on your paper requirements. As such, you need to specifically follow the guidelines and requirements provided by your professor, and if you have none, then you need to consult the formatting standards of interview essay writing. Make sure you properly introduce the topic and the person you are interviewing. To maintain a smooth and logical flow of your paper ideas, make sure you devise an outline:

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  • Introduction

Provide a hook already in the first sentence of the introductory paragraph. Evoke the readers’ interest and make them interested in reading your paper till the end. Formulate a strong and clear thesis statement, which should be argumentative, and clear, and convey the central idea. Make sure it also has an explanation of why you have chosen a specific person to interview.

  • The Main Body

Each body paragraph should be devoted to a separate idea. Make sure that each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence that pinpoints the main idea/ message of the paragraph. Make sure you have at least three body paragraphs for three separate ideas. 

  • Conclusion

Reiterate the thesis statement, summarize the findings, and highlight the key points of the interview. Make sure you state the importance of the interview and its role in your research. 

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