Journal Article Review

What is a Journal Article Review

What is a journal article review? Not sure how to write a journal article review example? Once you graduate from high school and enter college, you quickly discover that you are not a kid anymore. Nothing illustrates this more than the fact that professors love assigning complex journal article review assignments.

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If you do not have much experience with writing a critical review of a journal article, you could yourself in a really deep hole academically. Writing a review article is difficult because it is more than just summarizing a journal article, you need to understand the document on a deep level and use logic to justify your critiques. If you are not entirely sure how to write a critical review of a journal article, read below and learn about the process in more detail.

How to Write a Journal Article Review

Before we discuss how to write a journal article review, let us provide some background information. First, what is a critical review? In a nutshell, it requires you to read a journal article and analyze it by pointing out its strengths and weaknesses. Writing a journal article review also involves looking at the text deeply and understanding the ideas presented.

As you figure out how to review a journal article, you must be able to interpret the text concisely and understandably. Also, pay attention to the little details such as how to write a journal article review in APA style, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, ASA, or based on any other guideline as requested by your instructor.

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You may know how to write an article, but it is important to understand that the writing process is completely different than writing an article review. While the journal article review format also requires you to develop a thesis, write body paragraphs, and a conclusion, that is pretty much all they have in common.

For instance, article writing involves doing a great deal of research. Also, experienced writers who know how to write a critical review of a journal article recognize that the audience is going to be made up of academics and students rather than the broader public.

Indeed, a critical review of a journal article is geared towards those who have a great deal of knowledge about the topic, such as a professor or a professional expert in the field. They do not simply want to know about the content of the article, they want to understand the ideas and arguments that you are making as you critique it.

Journal Article Review Example Guidelines

As you prepare to write your journal article review example, there are a few questions you should ask yourself so that you can create a proper journal article review template. If you already know how to write a journal article review sample, you are aware of the importance of the following:

  • Objectives - What is the point of the article?
  • Theory - What is the foundation on which the article’s theoretical framework is built on?
  • Concepts - What are the main concepts? Does the author succeed in defining them?
  • Argument - What argument is the author making? Do they present any hypotheses?
  • Method - How did the author go about testing their hypotheses?
  • Evidence - What evidence does the author present? Is it strong?
  • Values - Does the author clearly express their value positions or just imply them?
  • Literature - How does the information in the literature justify the article’s necessity?
  • Contribution - How does the author’s work help advance our understanding of the field?
  • Style - Does the author use clear language?
  • Conclusion - What are the broader implications of the article?

Writing the Article Review: The Final Steps

You are almost ready to write a critical review example of a journal article. First, keep in mind that it does not hurt to take a look at a sample review paper journal article. This can serve as a basis for your paper.

Now let us discuss how to do a journal article review. To begin, take a look at the title to guess the purpose of the article. Now you can proceed to read it. Focus on the subtle details such as how the text is constructed.

Pay attention to the subheading so that you will know how the information is being broken down. Of course, it is also important to read the abstract since it will reveal all of the information that you will be reviewing.

Think about the formatting. For instance, is it an APA format journal article or something else? Is it formatted properly according to the guidelines? Aside from the article itself, look into the background of the author. Have they made significant contributions to the field in the past? If so, it could make the article you are reading more credible.

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Formatting Guidelines

Do you know how to format and cite a paper properly? If not, take a look at MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or APA journal article review sample papers to give you a better idea. This might seem like a small detail, but it will end up making a huge difference when it comes to your grade if you do not format it properly. Consult an APA citation for a journal article guidebook if you are having difficulties with this.

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