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Science is one of the most important things which people should constantly develop in order to provide progress and stable growth of humanity as a developed society. This essay tells about science as an important tool for development of people’s knowledge. It shows the importance of such scientific discovery as electricity. It highlights its importance for modern population and indicates significance of weather forecasting and medical improvements which were developed with the help of scientific research. This essay shows my personal attitude towards importance of science in my life.

Keywords: science, society, medicine, electricity, weather forecasting

The Importance of Science for Society

Science is one of the most important spheres of human activity. It is a form of social consciousness and a system of knowledge about laws of nature and humanity. Science develops, organizes and summarizes theoretical knowledge of reality and the world around us. It opens the laws, explores and explains important processes and phenomena that form the environment in which modern people exist. Science should not underestimate the role of science for the population and general human development. Many essential things that make people’s lives easier were created through scientific researches and discoveries. Science is the basis that provides development of humanity and makes people evolve under any circumstances. It plays important role in forming the world global society. I am a fan of science as I clearly understand the role of it in my life.

Scientists develop science as an effective tool that helps improve and upgrade the life of people all over the world. Scientists are people which come up with different solutions in the sphere of science in order to expand the ability of regular people to enjoy their life. Importance of science in the life of modern society is very essential because many spheres of human activity are based on the scientific discoveries. It has not been possible for people to live in comfortable houses without promotion of development of materials for building purposes. It would not be possible to treat people without profound researches and studies in the medicine. It is hard to imagine the modern society without development of science. All benefits and values that current society possesses originated because of the influence of science and its development.

One of the greatest achievements that were made by scientists is discovery of electricity. It would not be possible to use all benefits of this phenomenon without the scientific collaboration between scientists. Electricity is a system of phenomena that is associated with existence, interaction and movement of electric charges. There were many scientists who contributed to the discovery of electricity. Among them there are people like Benjamin Franklin, James Joule, Joseph Thomson and others. Discovery of electricity gave to the humanity a useful tool that brought new opportunities for the development of all types of industry. It gave a valuable possibility to have the light in every home. Nowadays, electricity is an integral part of modern society. Everything that people have in terms of comfort, clothes, transport, food and so on is possible to be produced because of electricity. The whole production process of anything would not be possible to maintain without this useful phenomena. “It has transformed the way in which we live and has become something that we expect and can’t imagine living without” (Accent Energy, 2013). Personally, electricity is playing significant role in my life. It gave me and the current generation the opportunity to be in touch with people we know and love. This discovery made it possible for me to grow in the environment where I can get proper education and become a qualified worker that can bring some benefits to other people.

The researches and discoveries of scientists made it possible to advance the medicine. For many years, people who lived in the past were suffering from different illnesses. It was difficult time for people in terms of mortality and health conditions. The development in the field of medical science created all necessary conditions for treating people with different illnesses and ability to provide decent medical service for those who want to improve their health. Because of the scientific research, there was discovered penicillin that saved many lives, especially during the World War II (Derderian, 2007).  For me, the improvement in medicine is great advantage for my health conditions. The science progress in this field gave me a chance to treat my teeth without pain and visit doctors with confidence that I will get qualified help.

The development of science made a great contribution to the understanding of biological processes that occurring in nature. It is very important to understand how the nature works in order for people to have the ability to adapt to any climatic environments. The modern population of our planet strongly depends on the food production. In order to provide and feed the current number of people on Earth, it is necessary to know features of climate in order to produce high yields. Any weather changes could make significant impact on the growth of crops. It is important to know weather conditions in the region in order to know which type of crops is the best solution to grow in a particular region. The knowledge of weather forecasting is also essential in such industries as shipping, aviation, cyclone warning, fisheries and others. There was made the significant step in science in terms of weather forecast. Establishment of such branch as environmental science provided the opportunity to know weather for the general public. For me, it is very important to know the weather conditions at the place where I live in order to know how to spend my leisure time. It is also significant to know the weather conditions when during my traveling.


In conclusion, it is necessary to underline that science covers many important fields of knowledge. People use science in order to improve their lives and discover new ways for their personal development and development of the society.

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