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The Gradual Increase in the Average Temperature

Global warming is the gradual increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans in the XX and XXI centuries. It was noticed by scientists that there is the contrast in temperature on the planet. The recent temperature on Earth tends to be warmer than it was before. The decent part of scientists believes that the main factor of rising temperature is a human being. Each year, people increase the greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. It leads to the extra increase of carbon dioxide on our planet. It makes a great contribution to the greenhouse effect. As a result, it affects the lower layers of the atmosphere making them warm. The atmosphere is like blankets. Greenhouse effect covers it with extra blankets and blocks heat from escaping. Making the prediction, the greenhouse effect may lead to the rise of the sea level, more extreme weather incidents, and more flooding or drought. By 2100, it may sharply decrease the level of fresh water on the planet. The situation in the Arctic will be much critical as the Arctic is warming up faster than the other parts of the world. Global warming is not uniform. Throughout the world, dry places become dryer. People who live in Northwest will also experience the effects of global warning. Additionally to the shorter ski seasons, there will be also more destructive wildfires, more winter flooding and water shortage in summer, and problems with salmon runs. Those changes can be observed right now.

Reasons that Cause Global Warming 

Scientists believe that there could be several reasons that cause global warming. They are as follows: changes in Earth's orbit, solar activity, and volcanic emissions. However, the main one is considered to be the human activity. This includes the greenhouse emissions due to the work of many industries, transport systems, and deforestation. Because of intense human activity, global warming may become highly significant by the end of this century. People can see the changes in winter weather conditions. In some states, the winter temperature is warming, while in the other states, it goes in the opposite direction. The other change is the decline of Cascade snowpack for the last 30 years. It is predicted by scientists that the level of snowpack will continue to decline by 47% to 2090. With changes in winter, there are also changes in summer in the southern states. Generally, the climate is getting dryer on the whole southern territory.

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All media sources and politicians warn us about the threat of global warming for the global population. People constantly read about this in newspapers and listen from the TV. However, too little is done in order to change the situation. There is no effective collaboration between countries. While some countries like the United States try to reduce the level of carbon emissions, other countries like China increase the manufacturing process. On the other hand, the United States is shipping coal to China. Thus, it also makes the contribution to China’s emissions. Additionally, many products that Americans buy from the local supermarkets are produced in China. Thus, it is a closed circle that makes all people cause global warming.

In order to escape the future weather catastrophe, it is necessary to do something right now. There are many scientists who work in this direction. It is important to integrate their efforts in order to come up with effective solutions for solving this international problem. The mutual effort will give more opportunities to make a deep research of the problem and clarify the future threat. Adaptation and resilience will be playing a key role in this process. It is also essential to continue the development of the new energy technology. It will give people the ability to replace the current technology that produces a significant effect on the process of global warming.          

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