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Research Article Analysis 

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Research article analysis provides the summary of the articles used during this study.

  • The first article analyzed is written by Jeff McGuire and posted on “Articles & Advice”. It is a recent literature review that relates with the rest of the articles reviewed since they have a common topic. McGuire (2011) clearly states the objective of the study, and the statement of the problem is understandable. The article fulfils the hypothesis that college education is important. It is clearly written and well referenced (McGuire, 2011).
  • The second research article is written by Daniel Indiviglio. It is relevant, clearly written and meet the objective of this research. It is well referenced and the author relates with the result of hypothesized outcome of the research proposal (Indiviglio, 2011).
  • The third article is written by Neil Kokemulle. This article is well written and has relevant objectives. The general outcome gives statistics outcomes that are in line with the hypothesized outcome of the proposed research. The research proposal has data analysis section; therefore, this article gives statistical evidence that can be used to assess the outcome of the research (Kokemuller, 2012).
  • The fourth article reviewed is written by Beth Kneller in support of college education. It is a statistical article providing hypothesized questions of the research in a data analysis format. The data is easily interpretable by observers and it is well referenced. The article relates well with the literature review since the topic under discussion is similar and findings are also the same (Kneller, 2013).
  • The last article analyzed is a tabulation of research findings in a graphical format to outline the importance of college education. It is relevant since data analysis is a form of literature review. It is a recent article and posted by the National Centre for Education Statistics in 2010.


This study analyzes the importance of a college education. A college education is higher learning that is achieved after a person finishes high school. A college education leads to higher lifetime incomes and various other advantages for a person who pursues it, such as an improved quality of life. These advantages are the importance of college education. The objective of this review involves assessment of five literature articles discussing the importance of a college education.


The similarities of the articles revolve around the importance of college education. According to McGuire (2011), high school students have doubts of attending colleges; however, the fact that college education provides opportunities for a better life encourages majority to pursue it. Apart from the opportunity for a better life, McGuire gives more reasons why to attend colleges as advantages in the job market, growth and development of a career and provision of more knowledge than a secondary education (McGuire, 2011). The importance of college is discussed further by Daniel Indiviglio, in the article “The Importance of College: a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” (Indiviglio, 2011). He argues that those who attend college have more money and more opportunities to prosper. The author of the article agrees that college education is essential since it provides educated individuals and, consequently, better economies.

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To convince people about the importance of college education some proven facts are necessary. Fortunately for this review, Kokemuller (2012) provides statistics on the importance of college. Kokemuller’s article articulates statistics on prevalence, unemployment, earning potential and quality of life. The statistics compare college attendance students with non-attendance, the findings reveal that those who attended college have more opportunities compared to those who did not (Kokemuller, 2012). To emphasize a point on the statistics, Kneller (2013) posted the article “The Importance of a College Degree: Latest Findings”, according to which, college graduates have survived the recession and lackluster recovery with extraordinary resilience. The article reveals the rate of unemployment, opportunity chances in work places, and chances of survival in economic crisis. These findings reveal that college education gives student advantages in tackling life issues as compared to high school dropouts (Kneller, 2013). The article by the National Centre for Education Statistics summarizes the importance of college education through a graphical presentation of average annual earnings. It is evident that more opportunities and money are affiliated to college graduates in comparison to high school dropouts (The National Centre for Education Statistics, 2010).


In summary, the literature review of the above five articles reveals that there are more opportunities for college graduates. College graduates have more job choices since they obtain more specialized knowledge, skills, and proficiencies in comparison to non-college graduates. A degree is fundamentally an investment that permits students to attain their goals. Increasingly, employers are demonstrating a preference for employees who have accomplished a college degree programs. This occurs because the higher the educational quality existing in prospective job seekers, the more selective employers become. The more selective the employers become the higher productivity is realized and hence the boost in economical growth. Statistics also emphasized the commonly taken perception that higher education equals more remuneration. The life quality for college graduates is better due to the better pay they get as compared to high school dropouts. Since college graduates earn more money, they contribute more to the United States’ economy, and they are also more probable to volunteer and to elevate better-educated children. The importance of college education cannot be taken lightly as it has profound benefits for individuals and the economy. The objective of the literature review has been fully provided by the articles analyzed.

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