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Wilson V. Southwest Airlines


Southwest airlines are one of the best and most appreciated airlines. This airline has performed well in its performance and has also been attributed to safely transporting passengers from one place to another. It means that it has also served as one of the biggest employers in the country. An airline has to make sure that it provides the best services to its customers. Each business must use the best services to gain competitive advantages over the other competitors. It is one main reason why businesses try to provide and offer the best services. This is the case with southwest airlines which has taken the initiative of employing female attendants and ticket agents who will act as incentives to customers. Based on the performance it has had, its services using the female attendants have made it one of the most successful businesses (Bennett-Alexander, & Hartman, 2004).

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Gaining a competitive advantage entails that the business does some services differently in comparison to its competitors. It also entails the business doing what the others are not doing. It was the case with southwest airlines. Some of the practices that a company must do to gain a competitive advantage include customer loyalty. It is the practice of rewarding loyal customers. The other is providing services that the others do not. It is the case with the southwest airline which used ladies as female attendants and also as tickets agents. It meant that the company would considerably perform well and make a lot of profit.

Southwest company is one of the most prominent airlines. This airline is known to provide one of the best services that airline companies should. This company from the late 1980s is known to use ladies as their flight attendants and ticket agents. It has helped the company which has stated that it has seen its sales rise by about 10%. It entails that the ladies they employ are incentives that make customers use the airline. The use of the female gender has enabled the company to sail through the roof. It means that the female gender has become the factor that has enabled the company to witness good performance for the last twenty years. It has, however, been an issue that is not pleasing to the male gender who claims that the company is biased.

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This trend of employing ladies has become consistent with the management of southwest airlines. It entails that the company views the female gender as the propelling factor that enhances better sales of the company. Females have become the incentive that attracts customers. Based on these aspects men's customers tend to be the majority. It was based on the aspect of love which the company claims have helped its sales sail through the roof. This method is very strategic but is a way of barring one gender from getting employment from this company. Due to this effect, a man called Wilson decided to sue the company for gender biases.

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The problem that rocks Southwest Airlines is the employment of the female gender for the posts of flight attendants and ticket agents. It is completely biasness as according to the employment law, discrimination and biases should not be the aspect that limits different people of different genders from accessing employment. It is the case with southwest Airlines which has barred males from accessing employment. Based on their arguments, this company claims that the female gender makes it possible for the company to access more customers. The company also claims that the female gender has better services as it provides love to its customers. This case is very unethical as each gender has its way of providing services. This aspect of using ladies is for other desires apart from providing services (Bennett-Alexander, & Hartman, 2001).

It, according to title VII, is very offensive and shuts the doors of application of certain gender. The company should have not proposed this method as it was viewed as a means of discrimination for the male gender. It is one problem as, however, a person is very clever, they cannot be hired based on gender. It, according to title VII, is not fair and should be considered. This is one very big problem as the company refuses to hire employees based on gender. This problem needs the intervention of the management as it ought to end this calamity. It, as attributed, could have only made more male customers book a flight with the airline.

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Southwest airlines took a considerable measure that could be said to be a service that guaranteed them a competitive advantage. It, however, was one strategy that would be based and judged as bias. The issue of hiring ladies so that they can help the company gain and acquire more sales is deemed to be biasness. The company ought to have hired male counterparts and checked how they are fair in terms of the services that they provide. The company did not realize that ladies were used as an incentive for many male counterparts to book a flight with the company. The company should have realized that the services that it provided meant a loss or profit for it. The company should have realized that different services were what it should have provided. Discrimination in terms of gender was not a fair way of recording better performance. This company should have realized that the services provided by the employees determined the rate at which many customers enjoyed boarding the plane (Bennett-Alexander, Hartman, & McGraw-Hill Companies. 2009).


Discrimination is one very bad issue that a company should avoid. A company should not discriminate against people based on their gender or race. Southwest Airlines used one of the best strategies but was discriminatory. It should not be practiced and a company should be sued for this. The company should have considered providing different services and become better competitive than using discrimination. Each company should realize that Title VII states that an employee should not be discriminated against to gain access to employment based on their gender or race.

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