Progressive Delivery

Each client may order our original and exclusive service - progressive delivery. If the customer makes an order, she / he can track the writing process of his/ her work, no matter whether it is 10+ pages single-spaced or 20+ pages double-spaced. 

Service Advantages:

  • Each client can follow the progress of his/ her work. In accordance with our policy, all papers are sent in drafts or chapters for approval by the client before the given deadline is over. 
  • Free revisions within a 30-day timeframe. Ordinary papers are revised within a 2-days period only. 
  • Highly experienced writers and qualified editors are assigned to such orders.
  • Each client is provided with a professional manager who can always help both the customer and writer during the process of their communication.

Delivery of the drafts *:

- Papers with  urgency of 4 days or less – 1 draft is sent. The draft is delivered within 50% of the final paper deadline. For instance, if the writer is given 2 days, she / he should complete the draft in 1 day. The draft volume must be equal to 25% of the final paper. For instance, if the customer has ordered a 20-page paper, a 5-page draft is sent to the customer.

Papers with 5-11 days of urgency – 2 drafts are to be delivered by the author. The volumes of the drafts should be 25% and 50% of the final paper and the time delivery should be 25% and 50% of the paper deadline respectively.

Order urgency is 12 days or more: 3 drafts are completed by the author within 25%, 50% and 75% of their deadline given by the customer. The drafts volume should be 25%, 50% and 75% of the final papers respectively.

What is the price for our service?  +15% only are added to the sum of the order.

*As our clients are our key priority, we always take into account all their needs and wishes. In case our client requires her/ his work to be completed differently, our support staff and personal managers are always ready to assist and offer the best variant possible. 

Additional Services for Short Orders (up to 20 Pages)


If our client orders a 1-page summary service, we will provide him / her with his/ her whole work summarized on 1 page only. The most important points of the work will be included into a 1-pages summary.  


When our customers order their papers, we do guarantee them 1-page drafts. A one-page draft is completed after 50% of the deadline provided is over. If the draft is double-spaced, it comprises 300 words, but if it is single-spaced, it is composed of 600 words.

Extended Revision

Our company ensures that all papers will be revised by our writers free of charge within 48 hours since the time the final papers have been sent to our customers. Our company is able to extend the revision time up to 14 days.