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What Is a Memo? Specific Tips for Successful Memo Writing

Before you start working on the memo assignment, you need to provide an answer to the question, “What is a memo?” As such, you need to acquire a clear understanding of the main principles of memo writing before you submit this assignment. According to the memo definition found online, the memo, which is also known as a memorandum, is a brief document that is written in different contexts for a variety of purposes.

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One of the aims of writing a memo is when you want to briefly discuss a specific problem and suggest possible recommendations for tackling it or solutions to it. Frequently, a memo should be convincing in nature to persuade its readers of the significance of the problem and to demonstrate that the problem is worth attention. Moreover, a memo can be considered effective when it provides different approaches for coping with the outlined problem or issue.

When you write a memo, you need to adhere to a specific memo format. Particularly, you need to indicate who you address in the memo. Sometimes a memo is addressed to a specific individual, so it should not be disclosed to a large group of people.

In this case, the message of the memo should be kept secret. Another type of memo is the one that is sent to the whole group, particularly a team of workers or the whole personnel of a specific company.

You should also consider the kind of information you plan to include in the memo. For example, if the information is too sensitive, maybe it is better to convey the message face-to-face.

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How to Write a Memo and Follow the Memo Format Properly?

You should have a professional memo format when you organize your memo writing. According to the memo writing standards, a typical memo consists of separate sections, which makes it easy for the reader to get the main idea of the memo and comprehend the whole memo quickly. Another purpose of providing subsections is to divide the memo into logical parts. Check out the following sections in a research memo or a persuasive memo:

  • Heading section

In the heading, you need to include the following information:

To: [the name of the recipient]

From: [the name of the sender – YOU]

Subject: [a short description of what your memo deals with]

Date: [the date when the memo was sent]

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  • Opening section

As you begin to write a memorandum, indicate its main purpose, the core idea, and any relevant background facts that may help the reader understand the case. What is even more important, you need to provide options or recommendations on how the problem might be resolved. Try to sound strong and persuasive – it will make your readers read your memo till the end (or read it at all).

  • Background facts

If needed, you will have to provide additional explanatory information on how to solve the issue and why the issue is worth consideration. You can discuss this section in a few sentences or a paragraph.

  • Discussion of the main task

Here try to explain how you are going to solve the issue. Clearly outline each recommendation or suggestion you offer. Try to be realistic and specific when offering your solutions.

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  • Summary

If the memo is an extended one, you will definitely need to devote a separate page to summarize the main points. Particularly, you need to focus on the key recommendations and solutions.

  • Discussion

This is the longest part of the memo since it should comprise all the details and elements that help your idea be formulated logically and reasonably. First, start with the discussion of the most important information, such as the key suggestions. Make sure you provide the points starting from the weakest points.

  • Conclusion

Make sure you end the memo with a call to action. Pinpoint to how the readers will benefit or what they will acquire after they implement the recommendations.

  • Attachments

If needed, provide the necessary attachments that will enable you to make a memo effectively. Since the format should be clear, prefer bullet points to full sentences. It will help you make the memo easy to read and comprehend.

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