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There are several tips to write the best essay. First of all, in order to keep your assignment on track you are to start with a strong thesis and a great opening. They become a foundation of your essay while the opening let readers know what's ahead and ease into the essay. You should catch the reader's attention within the introduction. However this isn't always true when it comes to college essay writing. Academic writing does not always have to do it obligatory as for short stories and novels. Next, the main body expands and elaborates on your thesis. This part usually connects the dots to prove your point to the reader.

One more important thing to remember, that when you use external sources, make sure you are citing your sources correctly. You will be claimed that the work is plagiarized if you fail to do it. Basically, act of plagiarism is called when you pass someone else's ideas and thoughts off to others as if they were your own. Moreover, it is a plagiarism if you do not give them a proper credit. If you are caught plagiarizing, strict policies of some universities will make you dismissed from the institution.

In addition, the closing is usually the shortest piece of the essay and the last thing that you should focus on and. Generally, the closing sums up and answer all the questions you may have left within the body of your assignment. Moreover, the closing restates your thesis. It is made in order to link all the points and recall purpose of the whole essay.

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