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As every day passes, we, human beings, are always in the search of some sort of magic bullet in the sense that we are looking for something that will solve all our problems. The magic bullet for education can be thought to be the integration of the normal learning practices with technology because it will solve many of the problems that children face today in everyday learning. The latter can be reached after looking at the effect that the introduction of technology into the early childhood curriculum puts in place. Some of the main changes that would be evident would include increased skills of the children, reduced rates of dropouts of children, elimination of racial divides in academic performances as well as increase in SAT scores. These will not only make the lives of children easier but it will also make the lives of the students easier due to the fact that the integration of learning with technology makes activities such as learning easier for the bass that they have wider research databases in terms of the internet.


The importance that can be attached to the development of a child in the early years of education has come to an age whereby it is critical that the early programs become global issues. Understanding changes as well as undertaking practices are fundamental to the learning process of the children. The audience that is addressed in this essay is not only the childhood educators, but also the parents as well as the rest of the world, because as it is to be seen later in the essay, many more people will benefit from the introduction of computers in the early ages.

Review "Teaching Technology to Children at Early Age"

The goal of the author of the article is to elaborate as well as educate their audience on what can be done so as to improve the way that children learn as well as comprehend what they have learned. Studies that involve the topic of the integration of early childhood with technology prove that the effects that are associated with education show that the use of materials such as imagery animations as well as sound in the learning process is related to cognitive aspects that are involved with literacy, which may include things such as how learners synthesize multimedia information that they have viewed or heard and what kinds of comprehensions are involved in what the children learn. Another reason that the author gives for the introduction computers into the early childhood is that younger children need different modes of learning from the older ones, which is due to the fact that children from birth to the age of around 8 years old are in constant use of their senses, minds as well as the body processes of constantly exploring the world that surrounds them (Fingerman, 2011, p 353). The last reason that the author gives is that the children, especially those that are at Piaget’s proprietal stage, concentrate as well as are interested in new ways of learning symbolic representations, such as speaking, writing and drawing maps and geometric figures. In addition to the latter, the children are always active and they can hardly remain still, which means that they need regular changes in the ways that they learn. The latter developments in a child's life with the addition that they exhibit diverse learning styles makes it optimal for the children not to learn the traditional way only but to diversify it with the inclusion of technology (Caverly, 2008, p 31).


A conclusion that can be arrived at is that in most cases of early childhood programs as well as schools, technology will be part of the learning landscape towards the future and so as to make sure that this technology is used in an effective manner, there must be an assurance that teachers are fully trained as well as supported so as to ensure that the programs, as well as the sites used, are solely for the purpose of the development of the child, as well as appropriate in the sense that they are non sexist, non racist and non biased to any type of people. They should also ensure that the sites as well as the programs that are used do not allow or promote disrespect of differences such as religious backgrounds. In addition to that, it should also be ensured that the programs and sites are integrated in a manner that ensures that they are used in the achievement of the development of the children’s growth and the achievements of the institution’s goals.

The response that I pose is that it is in fact important to children’s learning to be integrated with learning procedures due to the fact that it would reduce a lot of time wasted in research as well as increase the speed through which information is obtained. The integration of technology with children's learning will moreover improve their learning as well as understanding, however, without proper control, this integration will only destroy the lives of these children due to the fact that they will most likely divulge into looking as well as getting involved in other activities.

Two questions that I would like to ask the authors is how they would ensure that the children do not use research as an excuse to prevent them from looking at other irrelevant materials, and how they would get to know what the children are learning so as to ensure that that the costs of the computers are outweighed by the skills as well as the information that they learn.


Whether we like it or not, technology has proved to permanently become a part of the world that we live in and some of the problems that we have been unable to solve for years might just be solved by the fact that we let the children learn technology from early ages as can be seen in the everyday life, whereby we see that young innovators are coming up with ideas which are solving problems that we have experienced for years. I would make a recommendation of this articles so as to ensure that they see the intergration of technology into learning from my point of view before deciding on whether to support or not support the idea.

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