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Hollywood Film “Marie Antoinette”

Hollywood-produced film “Marie Antoinette” was released in 2006 and won an Academy award for costumes. It is a comedy-drama historical film that depicts Marie Antoinette during the years of her marriage with Louis XVI, the Dauphin of France. The story told in the film interprets actual events rather loosely so this is more about comedy and drama on the personal level of Marie Antoinette and people around than serious historical interpretation of the pre-French Revolution decades.

However, the film makes certain historic points. A young Marie had to marry Dauphin in order to seal the alliance aimed to bring peace into the conflict between two rival countries – the normal political move for that time. Such a desired hair was born after years of marriage without sex – rather common situation for the political marriages of that time. Finally, total disregard of the misery of those who were not born in the rich and noble families – it was normal and natural for that time regardless of the fact that it was one of the major driving forces of the French Revolution.

“Marie Antoinette” is the film about real-existing personality on the geopolitical Olympus of that period in France history. The character of Marie Antoinette is depicted as a young girl (at first) that leaves her native country and environment without particular desire to do so. Then, she became a good wife and a mother, disregarding people beneath her by the right of birth. In other words, the film is about a woman with her issues and sweets who tries to connect with her husband for years and become a good parent to her children.

Final Scene

Final scene of the film draws the concluding line – looters destroy the bedroom of the Queen of France. It is some sort of last point in the history of Marie Antoinette as the noble French person of royal blood.

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