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In his article, “How to get free publicity for your product or service,” Michael Fleischner (2011) suggests some ideas that could help replace a traditional way of getting products or services that are known to businessmen. The article tells how to apply those ideas in order to advertise a product or service absolutely for free. This paper demonstrates my understanding of the key points and suggestions from Fleischner’s article. It highlights the importance of applying those points for people who want to get free publicity for their products or services.

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Many companies all over the world are struggling with each other in order to win in the competitive environment. On the current market, it is very difficult to survive for those companies which cannot properly present their products or services to wider publicity and potential customers. Companies that successfully operate on the existing market are spending a lot of money on advertising. It is the efficient way of promoting and presenting the information about a product or service in order to increase the number of sales. Companies that have a limited budget get out of the competition very often due to the low level of recognition among population. However, in his article “How to get free publicity for your product or service,” Michael Fleischner (2011), who is an internet marketing expert, proposes a new way of advertising a product or service without spending money on it.   

In his article, Fleischner discusses the probable opportunity for businessmen with a limited budget to find a solution to efficient promotion of the information about company’s production. Moreover, he knows how to do this absolutely for free. For this purpose, the author encourages us to think how some companies manage to get a good placement on TV or newspapers. He explains that the way to achieve such recognition lays in a proper strategy of following public relations principles. For this purpose, it is necessary to establish a relationship with a reporter from one or several influential and respected publishers or TV news. It is important to accomplish it in order to position yourself as an expert on some issues or questions that have been currently printed or shown on TV.


From this article, I obtained the idea of how to get in touch with reporters and position myself as an expert on some topics in order to promote a product or service without spending money on it. I have also understood that in order to achieve this, I should follow some important rules. At first sight, it seemed a very difficult task. However, the author of the article helped me understand the easy way of how it should be implemented. He broke the task into several stages. It is another important thing that I learned from this article. If you want to implement a difficult task, it is important to break it into smaller ones and follow them step by step. Thus, in order to become an expert, it is necessary to gain information from credible sources and find articles related to a current story. The next step is to find a reporter who is covering the news which you would like to speak out about. Michael Fleischner gives good advice on how to find the needed reporter and how to contact him properly. Finally, after several calls, any businessman will be able to mention his product or service while covering the story in a newspaper or on television.

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From this article, I have learned that in order to promote a product or service without any expenses, it is essential to get in touch with a reporter and present oneself as an expert on the particular issue or story. It is important to not just make some blind attempts in doing it but to follow the strategy that the author shares in his article. It is vital to get to know the reporter by reading as many of his articles as possible. Later on, when you get an opportunity to speak to him, it is necessary to compliment the reporter, let him know about your position on a particular topic, and convince that you are an expert on this issue. It is important to be confident and emphasize that the opinion you have is based on real-life experience from your background. Moreover, the author suggests a good strategy of how to get another person interested in something that you need and quickly get in touch with him over the phone. Finally, I have also learned how to leave a message that could be interested to another person and get him to call me back.  

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