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British Drama Film Cromwell

British drama film “Cromwell” released in 1970 is based on the historical events that took place in 1650s. It is about the life of Oliver Cromwell, one of the political leaders of that time. The story told in the motion picture depicts the conflict between the Parliamentary forces and supporters of King Charles I. Cromwell is presented as a leader who made his path from God-fearing patriot to the Lord Protector of Great Britain and Ireland for long five years. The film is about personalities, their inner world, beliefs, struggle for power, and desire to do the best for country they serve. Both Kind Charles I and Oliver Cromwell saw the future of Great Britain and Ireland differently in terms of political structure therefore, the conflict between the Parliament and sovereign king was the inevitable result of the tension within the country in many spheres.

“Cromwell” makes a rather clear historical point – too much power in one hands can lead to tyranny and dictatorship. Noteworthy, such state of things does not change in case of any side wins – would it be king, Parliament with one leader, or anybody else. Power is a heavy burden for the strongest so Cromwell, as a patriot and supporter of the Parliamentary monarchy becomes somewhat of a virtual dictator eventually.

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell is a controversial figure of Britain’s history. He is praised by some historians (Thomas Carlyle, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, for example) as the hero who had fought for liberty and prosperity of England. However, other historians like David Hume, for example, evaluate Cromwell’s contribution to history of Great Britain and Ireland as nothing but dictatorship and genocide of Catholics in Scotland and Ireland. Despite such controversies, according to BBC’s poll conducted in 2002, Cromwell took the honorable place among ten greatest Britons ever. Oliver Cromwell is a significant figure in the history of Great Britain and Ireland.

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