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The Film All Quiet on the Western Front

The film All Quiet on the Western Front was presented in the 1930 and won the Academy Awards in such categories as Outstanding Production and Best Director. It is based on a novel of Erich Maria Remarque that has the same title. It is one of the films about World War I which represents the German side of the conflict. The film depicts regular soldiers who made their path from the high school and basic training in the booth camp to the actual war fight at the front line. It makes a clear historical point – any war has nothing to do with romance, patriotism, or heroic beauty, which is similar to the ideas of those who have never seen it in life. The film is about one of the most terrifying events in the history of the 20th century – the military conflict of the worldwide scale.

It is a classic story about the group of soldiers that consists of several boys from the Second Company, therefore, there is no single character who would be a central figure of the film. All privates in the film realize that war seems to be a scary place where there is no food and place for normal existence. However, Paul, one of the characters, eventually becomes one of the central figures of the film. However, it does not change the way the story goes as company of boys tries to survive at war supporting each other as they can.

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Paul eventually returns from the front line and finds himself at home as a person that no one can understand. It is easy to explain because those who have never seen the war cannot imagine what it is. Paul comes back to the front, to the few men from the Second Company who had survived. He loses Katz, one of his friends and dies from the bullet of a sniper, at the front line of this terrible war. 

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