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Cancellation TV Series

Nothing is devastating to the fans of a TV series as its cancellation. It is an ending without closure, disconcerting and full of confusion and remorse. The reaction of the fans varies with the level of emotional control of the individual. Some results include; painful moments, regret, and penitence. On the other hand, extremists choose the routes of anger, social rioting and laying blame on the producers, the channel or even the actors. The cancellation of the NBC series Heroes received infamous uproar from its followers. The producers; Dennis Hammer, Allan Arkush and Greg Beeman announced the death of the show following the gripping confusion of the fourth and final season. This was a tragedy to the dedicated viewers of the series; many yearned for answers to the series’ unsolved questions and abrupt cancellation. Public opinion varies from one side to the other. Some deem the cancellation as just while others harshly scold NBC for ripping the series out of the hands of loyal fans. It is important to take into account the public view concerning certain media actions. This is because viewers should be the drivers of a show.

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As of September 25, 2006, the first season titled Genesis premiered and become popular among the lovers of science and fiction. The series depicted the lives of ordinary individuals who have begun to discover themselves capable of extraordinary abilities. The viewer is presented with the opportunity to keep track of this astonishing people. The series also introduces a dedicated professor of genetics named Mohinder Suresh, who is the opening voice of the series. The series begins with an epic journey and a peculiar speech. “Where does it come from? This quest, the need to solve life’s mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we’d be better off not knowing at all. Not delving, not yearning. That is not human nature, not the human heart. That is not why we are here”. This quizzical introduction monologue creates a capturing viewer effect to what turn out to be the most gripping and fascinating series in NBC history. This series dives into evolution, creating a hypothetical analysis of the human nature and the fate of humanity. This is contrary to the belief and expectation of many. Where most series delve in super heroes fighting hideous villains, and rescuing beautiful women, this series is viewer oriented as it tries to answer questions about humanity.

The premiere season of Heroes entranced a large audience of approximately 14.3 viewers; making it NBC’s highest rating drama in the previous five years. The series has earned various prestigious awards and numerous faithful avid followers. However, the first season concluded with an epic show-down. This was attributed by the intermingling of the plotlines of each character throughout the series. As a result, the audience was left in utter awe and excitement. This created anxiety among the fans as they waited for the second season. The much awaited season aired the following year, and the count-down of viewers was reduced by three million. However, the show still boosted its popularity as the second season uncoiled. The viewers were not fascinated by this season as compared the former. Critics and harsh comments started sprouting as viewers felt unsatisfied as compared to the first season. This resulted to a 15% decrease in the rating of the show. This was particularly important to the producers of the show as the rating determines the feelings of the viewers.

Tim Kring

Tim Kring, the author and creator of Heroes, apologized to the viewers after the release of the reviews of the second season. He declared to have taken the series in the wrong direction, promising a better outcome for the third season. This made viewers sceptical of Kring’s , and it lead to drop of weekly viewers by four million. As promised, the arrival of the third season provided the viewer with many twists and varieties. This was able to boost and capture the attention of many. However, this only lasted for the first half of the third season. The other half was seen as dull and confusing. The many concepts and ideas introduced in the first half, made it impossible for the audience to grasp and keep with the flow of the story. The four million dollar loss was greeted as just by the harsh critics who began to make negative comments on the show’s terrible downfall. The initial introduction of the series was captivating, but as the seasons continued to be realised, the viewers continued to lose interest in the series. This contributes to the drop in rating of the series. Viewers felt disappointed by lack of consistency initially developed in season auguring well with the theme of the drama.

At the closure of the third season, the season had lost over half of its original viewers. This prompted Kring to initiate new ideas and incorporate them in season four. This was done with an aim of rekindling the flame to match the standard of the first season. However, this was too late as the season had lost public interest already. The lack of flow within the seasons can be attributed as the major cause for the drastic loss observed in the series. Season four was meant to salvage the series from being censored. It concludes with a dynamic and shocking episode. This epic outcome crazed the fans as they compared it to the first season. Anxiety raised in anticipation of the fifth season. Unfortunately, the anticipation of the viewers was never met after the series was cancelled by NBC producers. Viewers started asking continued questions regarding the stories in the drama which will never be answered. The cancellation was justified by the growing decrease in fans not meeting the financial needs posed by the need for intense, expensive special effects.

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The lack of a conclusive ending in the show hampered anger to its dedicated followers. From my own point of view, it was unfair for the production industry to deny the viewers the right of continued audience. Having dedicated for years to following a series, it is unfair to deny the fans a conclusive ending. Denying one chance to join the pieces of the drama is unfair.  The NBC argument for the cancellation of the show was due to reduced profits and ratings. The word of Kring brings hope to the audience in the event that a movie would be released that ties the different parts of the show together. This would be a step towards answering the questions that lack in the minds of dedicated viewers. However, the broadcasting channel dismissed this view and failed to give the audience a chance to know how the series ends. This is selfish of NBC as it fails to give in to viewer needs. The channel does not appreciate the dedication the viewers demonstrated initially to enhance its popularity and profits.


In conclusion, it can be argued that the ending of the series without closure is disconcerting and devastating to the fans. The cancellation of the series was a fatal blow to the lovers of science and fiction. As a result, the viewers retaliated by losing loyalty to NBC. The low rate of viewers experienced in the channel can be attributed from this move.

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