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Boston Bombing

Following the Boston bombing at the Marathon on April 15, 2013, it is essential to highlight that the common view of the plurality of the people is that this act of terrorism was cased by the American wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Although only 2 persons were dead and 250 were injured, this terroristic act is considered to be the first successful Islamic attack after September, 2011. The main peculiarity of this event, which detaches it out of the previous bombings, is the motivation ambiguity of the terrorists’, who are not members of any world terroristic organization. Although it is impossible to change the events that have already happened, it is important to analyze them deeply, in order to put forces to prevent the possible further recurrences.

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Young Terrorists

Regarding the young terrorists, it is essential to discuss the motivation of the tragedy originators. Firstly, it is important to highlight the today political situation and the influence of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not only on the soldiers, but also on the peaceful dwellers. The warfare not only entails the feeling of fear and uncertainty among people, but contributes much to the sense of hate, which is the main leading power of terrorism (Lilienfeld, 2011, 449). Therefore, one of the reasons that can cause the mass killing of peaceful citizens is cruelty, aggressiveness, and incomprehension of the human life value. Such characteristics of individuals can be regarded as the attributes of the personality disorders, and, therefore, make terrorism not only social, but also a psychological problem. Consequently, to prevent such terrific events, it is important to influence the motivation, feelings and, therefore, psychological state of the nation.  Furthermore, it is important to point out the role of media, which provides great coverage of dramatic accidents, terroristic acts, which evokes the corresponding feelings and emotions among the population and especially among the emotionally accessible adolescents or young adults (Lilienfeld, 2011, 518). Consequently, watching the media violence in the news or the internet increases the odds of violence through the observational learning (Lilienfeld, 2011, 518). Moreover, according to the past of the 26-year-old Tamerlane and 19-year-old Johor, drug abuse is more likely to have pushed them on this crime than the extremist and radical Islamic views. There also are some facts, which reveal that one of the brothers has probably had respect to violence and murder of his friend. Such the past experiences must have left the imprint on the development of his personality and originate the disposition to violence. The aggression proneness can also be explained by their nationality as the male Chechen representatives are genetically programmed as assaultive and hostile individuals. Therefore, the complex of the character peculiarities together with the violence samples from the outer world appeared to be influential for the young terrorists’ psychological state.

Apart from the better security, covert intelligence, warnings of the public, it is essential to study the psychological aspects of terrorism and put forces to struggle the emotional and social factors, which predetermine hate and violence. Among such factors, it is important to emphasize racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and others (Lilienfeld, 2011, 449). The information, which is denounced by the media, should be aimed at soothing the conflict and sensitizing the citizens to respect each other and value human life. Furthermore, it is important to filter the information provided in the internet from the violence images, and try to take it away from the everyday life of people. Probably, such measures would prevent from teaching people aggressiveness and cruelty.

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Unfortunately, the prevention of the terroristic acts and violence in the nowadays society becomes an overwhelming task. I do not think it was possible to prevent the Boston bombing before it has happened as the real problem is not the actions or education of several persons, but the psychological state of the world population, which is violated by negative perception of the representatives of other people.

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