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The Abortion in the United States

The abortion in the United States of America is a serious topic for debate. Under some circumstances the abortion was prohibited in 30 states. However, in 1973, all of these laws were invalidated and the abortion became legal in the country. Since that time, abortion is legal in the United States, but each state has some regulations about this law. According to the majority of laws, the age of the fetus should not exceed 24 weeks. Starting from this, the fetus is able to survive apart from the mother. Despite the fact that many experts are convinced that legal abortion can provide women’s health and help them to survive, the abortion should be prohibited as it contributed to many babies are being killed as a result of abortion.

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The discussion about abortion can last for many years. People have different points of views and state their own arguments. However, the main reason why abortion should be illegal is that it is ending a life. Abortion should be legally considered as a murder because inside the mother is a living form of life there. It is able to grow and come through different stages of development inside the pregnant women. That is why the life inside a pregnant woman should be protected. “If the fetus is a person from the moment of conception, it would be the state’s duty to offer the fetus full legal protection” (Garfield, 5). The abortion stops that process of embryo and kills the future life of human being. Some people could claim that it should be the decision of a woman to decide what to do with her pregnancy. However, it is the same if consider that woman can do whatever she wants with 2 or 4 year old child. The majority of people in the United States clearly understands this point and is against abortion. “A new CNN national poll of Americans finds results that are almost identical to a Gallup survey earlier this year, and it shows 62% of Americans want all or most abortion made illegal” (Ertelt, 1).

The future child does not have choice. He or she does not ask the permission to be born. It is only the decisions of adults. In that way, the future child inside the pregnant woman does not have the opportunity to protect his or her rights to be born. One people consider that only adults, who have their own experience and can deal with their problems on their own, can exercise the right of choice. They are also convinced that those people who are old enough only can make the decisions for those who are unable to speak for themselves. Those people agree with current law and call themselves pro-choice. “They believed that abortion should be a legal option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy” (Naden, 26). However, the case with an embryo is another issue. Here, the future child is not asked to be born, but it does not mean that he or she should not be asked to be killed. Abortion should be illegal because the unborn child cannot protect his or her right to be born. The only way to protect this right is make the abortion prohibited in the United States.

The Adaption

The adaption is a good option for people to raise children. Many families are suffering from the absence of opportunity to give birth to children. The adaption is a good opportunity for them to take even an unwanted baby. The idea of taking a baby from the mother who decided to get rid of it is expressed by people who called themselves pro-life individuals. Those people do not want to see how laws in the U.S. protect the killing of unborn children. “They say that abortion is a moral wrong because it causes the death of a human being” (Naden, 26). Those people see the bright future for unwanted children that could be raised in the families who are in desperate needs and would like to adopt a baby. The number of women who cannot give birth to children on their own is increasing in the United States. Consequently, there are more families who would like to adapt children.

The abortion should be prohibited due to the reason of high health risk for women during the abortion. There are many cases with fatal outcome. Many abortions make people who are not professional and do it illegally. Some people claims that the legalization of abortion is a solution that helps to get rid of those bad professionals. However, the abortion is an expensive operation that cannot be accepted by many women. The law about legal abortion is working in the U.S. for many years, but still many women make abortions in secret and use illegal human sources to accomplish this. In the article Let’s get real about abortion, David Frum highlights that it is necessary to worry not about abortion, but rather about how to support women. “The most important issue is how will you support women to have the babies they want” (Frum, 6). However, the great support in this case will be the prohibition of abortion. In this case, the public and government would be more worried in this issue. Making abortion legal creates the illusion that the problem is solved. Unfortunately, many women continue to suffer from bad treatment during abortion and many women have the idea in their minds that they can get rid of their child whenever they want.

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The abortion should be banned in the United States as it violates the rights of unborn babies and can be considered as a murder of a human being. During the abortion, the pregnant women are not protected from the physical and mental risks that could lead to depression, guilt and sterility. It is better to present the financial and emotional help to women. It will be enough in order to change her mind and give birth to future child. Finally, women should give birth under any circumstances because there are many families who are waiting for opportunity to adopt children.

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