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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was a famous politician and the first lady who declared to the public her views on human rights through her rich speeches. The Struggle for Human Right is one of the speeches that she wrote and delivered to the people in open session with media, leaders and in front of her husband Mr. President (Beasley, M., 2010) This speech is an important declaration to both non-compliant and compliant states across the world. I considered analyzing this speech because it is a symbol of unity to all citizens of the United States and nations across the world despite the color, race, and class. This speech was given at a time that many states and the federal governments were not respecting the fundamental rights of all citizens. This speech contributed to radical and important changes and the drafting of the United Nations’ human rights deal.

Roosevelt delivered The Struggle for Human Rights at a time when many people from all over the world needed fair treatment from the people in power. There was a tendency to misuse power from political leaders who considered their personal gains a priority. This speech aimed to bring all political entities across the world and make them support the United Nations human rights deal.

Roosevelt had explicit ideas of fair and just treatment of all people on earth as equal and giving each person an equal chance of opportunities. She did not like the depression of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and other minor races in the United States and developed countries. This speech was advocating for social cohesion that is necessary for any society living as one (O'Farrell, B., 2001) Peaceful social cohesion is the basis for equal human rights despite the disparities in color, race, status, location, and origin. This paper analyzes The Struggle for Human Rights Speech to discover the style, persuasion level and the impacts it brought to the entire world. The main focus is to analyze the effects of Roosevelt’s speech on the people she was addressing.

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Roosevelt delivered The Struggle for Human Rights speech with the primary goal of persuading the USSR. Yugoslavia and many other states and nations to support human rights. From the speech, it is evident that she wanted the leaders from countries that never supported human rights to hear and respond to the persuasion. The speech gives a notation of people uniting to address the protection of human rights.

The second objective is to congratulate France as a country because it was the pioneer of fair and equal treatment of all people after the Second World War (Lash, J., 2003) The speech has political language and explanations that help persuade leaders from non-compliance states to support the United Nations human rights agreement. Roosevelt’s invention, development, and delivery of this speech was evidence of her desires to persuade the non-compliant and compliant nation to join hands in restoring human rights (Glendon, M., & John, P., 2000)

This speech has selected and established an audience and the purpose it is meant to serve. Roosevelt addresses the people of France in a way that reflects the entire world. The use of ethos in her speech is evident in an organized manner where she addresses people as “we” to show the coverage of the persuasion. The speech was full of intelligent words that praise the people of France and persuade leaders of Russia and other non-compliant nations to change their attitude. Roosevelt was able to give out the feelings of unity among people and states that supported the human rights deal with the use of the rhetoric style of pathos.

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This is where she is associating all those who support human rights deal as people of one democracy and union. This quote helps to differentiate the two audiences or groups she was addressing and giving leaders from no-compliant nations a clear meaning of depressed human rights. This speech intended to create a feeling of unity among the states that supported the United Nations’ human rights deal (Dickson, P., et al., 2003) The quote of dictatorial and autocratic democracy is used to refer to Russia and other states showing the bad leadership.

The speech differentiates the two groups, but Roosevelt was keen on not creating a gap but to bring the disagreeing group on the right side. An example is where she says that “our government is powerless to Russian” because the leaders are only interested in duties and ignore essential rights. This quote helps to bring the point home for the audience to feel motivated to continue fighting for democracy and essential rights since it is a requirement. The speech gives the direction of the group she was addressing. In the speech, she says that “we the international community” believe in respect and all rights entitled to an individual. This is enough evidence to tell us that the speech was addressing the world at large on the importance of ensuring that every human enjoys the necessary rights.

Roosevelt’s speech contributes to a new understanding of citizens, activists, and political leaders across the world on how to protect basic human rights. People were interested in her idea and the intentions from the arrangement of the words and confidence when persuading leaders to give citizens their fundamental rights (Glendon, M., 2001). We can truly say, that she wrote a persuasive speech because the audience understands the message, and Roosevelt was later appointed the leader of human rights activists. This gives a clear indication of how the speech changed the perception and thinking of world leaders to support the efforts of Roosevelt.

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Speech is one literature tool among others like poems, songs, and photos that can be used to pass important messages to political leaders and the community at large. Roosevelt managed to change people’s way of thinking on human rights by showing them how respecting an individual’s rights increases unity. Her speech tries to show the positive impacts of respected democracies and human rights in a country compared to states in a dictatorship. From the analysis, I learned that where there is a will there is away. Roosevelt was never exhausted to persuade people to accept her views, and she convinced the compliant states to remain focused to respect human rights. This gives an implication of the positive spirit that human rights activists must reveal.

The speech of Roosevelt was a special tool to pass important messages of persuading leaders and people to take human rights as the priority. The efforts of Roosevelt were indeed good, and this is the reason to carry future studies to determine the implications and impacts. Future studies should look at whether non-compliant nations like Ukraine and U.S.S.R joined hands or supported the works of Roosevelt. In the coming future, I can apply the knowledge of writing a speech and interpreting speeches. The example of Roosevelt’s speech has given me a new understanding of writing, listening, reading, and understanding other different speeches.

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