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Cyber Security: Challenges for Society

The article “Cyber Security: Challenges for Society – Literature Review” by Tonge, Kasture, and Chaudhari, published in IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering, touches on the emerging trends in technology. Technology is expanding every day due to creativity and innovation in science. The authors of the article have recognized the malicious incidences that have faced the cyber sector. Most importantly, they have acknowledged the need to focus on cybersecurity that has posed major challenges to society. The article is quite informative since it begins by explaining the meaning of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has been defined as the practice of protecting both information and information systems using the proper processes, measures, and technological procedures. The paper provides a clear literature review of critical emerging trends in scientific technology that have been linked to poor coordination of security bodies and infrastructure.

The article has also provided background information on the critical issue that the authors have discussed. It has been achieved by acknowledging the important role that is played by cybersecurity in the expansion of information technology along with Internet services. The authors have also discussed some of the ways to improve cybersecurity. Some of the methods mentioned include the use of firewalls and antivirus among other technological procedures that provide solutions to malicious practices. The article has a clearly developed approach to discussion. It has considered various metaphors including those that are closely connected with different types of conflicts as well as biological, markets and physical protection of assets. The paper has also used excellent grammar and a non-biased tone that makes it easy and interesting to read. The use of endnotes as a referencing tool is quite effective in order to indicate that some of the ideas have been drawn from other sources.

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It is clear that the literature review in the paper is seamless since it has provided many examples relevant to the main topic of research. The authors have thoroughly discussed the transformation of the technological sector. In fact, they have explained the manner in which communication technology has changed from wired connections to wireless ones. A good example is that of India where telephones have been replaced with mobile technology. However, they have acknowledged the fact that Indian authorities failed to educate their citizens about the vital issues that come with technological expansion such as cybersecurity. Moreover, the article has drawn some ideas from secondary sources. One of the evidence that has been drawn from other sources is that the topicality of privacy and protection of personal information has increased since the year 2006. In other words, it can be deduced that the article is well developed with the acknowledgment of major researches into information technology that is the main area of concern.

In terms of resources, the literature review has drawn ideas and concepts from trusted sources on information technology. The sources used in this case are journaled articles that have considered the trends in cybersecurity. Some of them provide annual reports and assessments on the issue of cybersecurity across various places in the world. The journal papers provided vital information that has been discussed in the article under consideration. The authors have organized it into major subtopics that they found to be pertinent to the problem. Furthermore, the journal sources have recognized the need to examine the importance of privacy to people since it is a fundamental right of every individual. It appears to be the main theme of the literature review, especially with regard to societal concerns over violations of human rights. The language and tone of the article under consideration are quite formal considering the fact that the authors use only relevant data from secondary sources. In fact, the authors are keen to ensure that the entire paper has coherence and interlinked ideas on cybersecurity.

Most importantly, the structure of the paper is quite appealing. The headings used to reflect the main theme of the literature review. In fact, the structure and flow of the paper appears and sounds to be descriptive. After reading the article, the reader gets a clear understanding of the nature of cybersecurity. The rhetorical strategies create figurative images in people’s minds in such a way that one has a clear picture of the existing problems that require effective solutions in order to protect people and systems. The headings include current approaches, threats, devices that pose challenges, cloud computing, the necessity of the topic and the recent studies that have been conducted in attempts to provide solutions to the problem.


In conclusion, it is evident that the authors have adopted an effective way of presenting scientific research through a clear literature review. The rhetorical strategies used in the paper are quite efficient and provide a clear understanding of emerging trends in cybersecurity that have been proven to have an impact on society. The authors have drawn their evidence from journal articles that provide assessments and current studies regarding the topic. The article is properly organized and structured and all elements of scientific research are present in it.

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