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Following the demand for education and training teachers in 1890, a state legislature provided the establishment of Washington State Normal School (WSNS), which started in Ellensburg and was later renamed to Central Washington University (CWU). CWU is situated on interstate 90, which is in Kittitas Valley in Ellensburg, Washington. It is approximately 180 km (110miles) to the east of Seattle and to the north of the Stuart Mountain towers. Other landmarks include Yakima River to the south, and the Columbia River to the east. Among the most fascinating attributes with regard to its position is its centrality in the state. This means easy access from each side of the state as opposed to those that lie along the borders. The institution offers a favorable environment for learning and development of co-curricular skills as well as student’s background as outlined in the evaluation below.

Academic Criterion

To start with, CWU offers a wide range of programs both for undergraduate and master’s degree. There are 150 degrees for undergraduate students and 27 degrees for master’s students. The institution was founded as a center for teacher’s training. For this reason, education program forms an integral part of CWU. The existing programs include college of humanities and arts, college of professional studies and education, college of business, undergraduate studies, college of science, graduate studies, and William O. Douglas College. Though the university puts more emphasis on education and business programs, it also has some research programs. For instance, of the two facilities for research between human and chimpanzee communications is found in this institution.

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The class size in CWU is relatively large with the ratio of faculty to students being 21:1. About 40% of classes accommodate not more than 20 students. According to World Report and U.S. News, CWU is ranked 40th best university in the west. Among the regional universities, CWU is ranked 12th best and is also accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and University.

Admission Criterion

CWU has developed an index for admission that helps assess different information that applicants submits for consideration. This index considers SAT, ACT and GPA scores. For students who do not manage to secure admission through the process on index consideration may secure admission after submitting admission essay. For one to be considered, however, the essay should be supported by fulfillment of other admission requirements. In case a student wants to transfer into the institution, he/she has to submit his SAT and ACT scores as well as his transcripts from the previous college. A comprehensive application review for transfer is conducted for those with their GPA less than 2.5.

Financial Criterion

Those students who apply to join CWU are eligible for student loan and federal grants. Other sources of grants to students include scholarships and grants offered by the state of Washington, the university itself and other organizations. For instance, CWU spent a total of $100 million in 2009 inform of financial aids and student scholarship. For students who demonstrate financial needs and are able to score 3.5 in their high school GPA and a score of not less than 45 in their admission index, they are eligible for merit tuition program. Under this program, a student receives up to a maximum of $2700 every term but has to maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA to be able to continue enjoying the scholarship.

Co-curricular Criterion

To provide a suitable environment for all students, the institution has Diversity Education Centre. CWU have established nearly 100 organizations and clubs for students. These organizations include special interest groups, academic and professional organizations. Others include club sports and rugby which turned out to be the student’s favorite. There are also Greek sororities and fraternities in the institution. There is also a recreational facility 80000 sq., an impressive recreational and exercise center. Here, students get to attend fitness classes, strength training and indoor climbing.

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