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The reason for this elaborate research includes the fact that the Tesla Model appears as one of the fundamental means of transport in America. Particularly, it provides a cheaper and immensely reliable mode of transport for those who decide to purchase it. This electrical version of a car appears manufactured in an organization known as Tesla Motors, Inc. The company works on modeling and manufacturing this car brand. Moreover, it appears as a fundamental brand since it functions electrically (Peckham).

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Another reason as to why I decided to research on this car is because it appears exceptionally fast and reliable to its users.

The above picture shows a model of the Tesla electric car. From this picture, it becomes clear that Tesla produces one of the sleekest models of cars in America. However, as much as the car increased its sales in the recent years, it apparently caused immense financial loss to the state’s economy. Therefore, its increasing popularity leads to financial losses. Moreover, the financial impact of this car model tends to be less important compared to its production. This appears evident in the Tesla CEO’s comment: ”If we were to close all of our stores right now worldwide, and not have any car specialists or sales people, we would still sell out through the year.”

The best place for me to go for this research includes the town center where most drivers have a Tesla car. Here, I would gather enough information concerning the popularity as well as the sales rates of this car model. In addition, this setting would provide a clear and more vivid depiction of how many Tesla cars use the major roads in the town center. New York is as a fundamental city to carry out this research, as most of the popular vehicle brands appear to drive on the New York City roads. Most drivers of Tesla car tend to give reasons why they prefer this car brand to the others. Secondly, they may give reasons why they prefer to use electric cars instead of gasoline ones. Most drivers may prefer using electric cars over the gasoline ones since the fuel prices tend to rise indefinitely.

As much as the car markets foresee a drop in sales of the Tesla electric car model, the company CEO appears confident of continued manufacture and increased profits. This statement appears in an American magazine known as The Scientific America. In one of its columns headed “Rapidly Growing Market Niche”, it states that, “Tesla's rise in sales comes as the outlook for numerous electric vehicles - it is mostly hopeful, according to Pike Research.” That company reported late last year “the market for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) grew faster in the last few years, reaching more than 121,000 unit sales worldwide in 2012.”

As such, I would carry out the research in the New York downtown. This would provide better research results than in any other part of America. During this research, I intend to interview the evident drivers since they would possess answers closer to what this research requires. Since the vehicle market foresees an increased sale of this model of cars, it appears fundamental to get the views of the drivers on this model. This would provide the true picture of the economic status of the company. Moreover, the drivers obviously know the advantages and disadvantages of using this model of cars as compared to the others.

Furthermore, getting research answers from this group of people would help in realizing why the drivers of this model prefer using electricity rather than gasoline as a source of fuel. As drivers of this car model purchase this car from the dealers, they manage to get all the information concerning its durability and other fundamental factors. As such, the drivers would also appear as a good primary source of information. This appears since I would get all the necessary information from them. For instance, I would know the durability of the car. In addition, I would appear able to know why they prefer this car to any other car on the road. Moreover, I would know the purpose for which these motorists purchase this car model. For instance, do they buy it for business or luxury purposes? All this information would come in from the motorists. However, I would not need to stick to one motorist since numerous respondents can be asked. Eventually, this may make them feel tired and bothered. As such, the questions would appear distributed among different drivers that will be spotted parking or just about to board their cars (Tesla).

Other interviewers who will appear instrumental in this study include pedestrians. This appears as a key part of the research since some of the drivers may not be willing to cooperate during the interview. Moreover, some of the pedestrians may possess more knowledge concerning the features of this car model.

Finally, I would pay a brief visit to the company. There, I would try to get hold of the CEO and carry out a brief yet weighty interview with him that would lead me into getting the right answers to my research. The company would also provide accurate answers to questions poorly answered during the research in the town centre. Moreover, I would get the opportunity to view and evaluate the Tesla model and other upcoming models from the same company. Finally, deductions would appear in the varied models and the varied durability associated with each model (McGraw-Hill).

Some of the problems associated with this car model include the fact that it may encounter extinction in future. However, this appears only as a speculation since none of this appears proven. In addition, from this research it appears that with an increased sale, the company may encounter a rise in its profit margins. Another problem that appears associated with this car brand includes the fact that some of the drivers may take longer to decide which car model to choose. Therefore, in the end, they may end up selecting a wrong brand. A few lawsuits were filed against Tesla, but they proved to be contrary to the law. Moreover, it appeared clearly from the kind of the plaintiffs that the lawsuits are far-fetched. Particularly, one appears as a Fisker dealer while, the other appears as an auto company that repeatedly demanded a Tesla franchise. They would have considerable difficulty explaining to the court why Tesla’s starting a store in Boston is somehow contrary to the best interests of fair commerce or the public (Musk).

During this research, I would learn many things. For instance, I would get to know why most drivers prefer to purchase the Tesla model to other car models. Secondly, I would get a rough figure of all the Tesla models driven on the New York roads per day. Next, it would be a fundamental study since I would be able to prove whether the future of this company appears as blurred as the statistics say. From most of the research carried out, it appears that the Tesla model ia a faster and more cost effective car. This provides one of the main reasons why most people tend to prefer it to other models. Since the company achieved an increased sale of this model in the recent years, its future seems bright.

From this study, I also learnt that electric cars as well as trains appear environmentally friendly. Moreover, they cause little or no environmental pollution. For instance, gasoline cars tend to pollute the environment through the constant emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. From recent researches it is clear that the increased emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere tends to deplete the ozone layer. Eventually, the world appears obliged to deal with all the impacts associated with global warming. Some of these impacts include rise in the sea level that may cause floods in different parts of the world. The result may appear as immense loss of lives and property.

In conclusion, the Tesla car model appears as an electric model. This presupposes a car that excludes the use of gasoline for fuel. This car model possesses immense controversies when it comes to fairness and franchising in its dealings. Next, most of the motorists in America prefer purchasing this car brand for its numerous positive qualities. One of its fundamental advantages includes the fact that it is immensely environmentally friendly. Tesla car is decidedly different from non-electric cars; this particular brand does not emit the harmful carbon gases. Researches prove that carbon dioxide possesses a depleting effect on the ozone layer, which causes global warming on the planet. As such, it appears instrumental that most drivers purchase the Tesla model since it possesses numerous benefits. One of the fundamental benefits associated with this model includes the fact that it costs less. Moreover, it appears faster and appealing to the eye. Finally, as much as the car market predicts a reduction in manufacture of this brand, the company incurs increased sales. This means that the company may make more profits leading to increased manufacture of the Tesla model.

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