Nov 2, 2017 in Philosophy

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Abortion is a consciousness decision of woman to end the future life inside her body. In modern society, in which women face different social and economic challenges the number of abortions is growing all over the world. As a result, there was risen the question about the moral and ethical side of this issue. Some people consider that it is completely immoral to make abortion. The other part supports abortion and prefers to protect the rights of women rather than an unborn child. Both sides have their arguments and provide the explanation in order to protect their claims. Despite the fact that many women prefer to make abortion due to the significant reasons, it should not be morally permissible in the developed society.

Why Abortion is Immoral

Some pregnant women, who are hesitating to make the abortion or not, base their decisions on the opinions of other people. Thus, it is very important to know what kind of arguments people use in order to prove their position. In his article “Why abortion is immoral”, Don Marquis explain that the decision of women to end the pregnancy is equated to a killing of the full adult personality. The main argument of this article is that life begins from the moment of conception, and no one has the right to end it. In this moment, the future child receives the genetic code of parents, and it is not morally right to end the life of a living person. “It always prima facie seriously wrong to take a human life” (Marquis). The author wants to emphasize that a killing of an adult person as well as an only just conceived child is the same action that takes away a future in both of them. That is why abortion is morally wrong. Margaret Olivia Little, who is the author of the article “The moral permissibility of abortion”, offers the other opinion about this issue. From her point of view, the abortion is permissible on the early stages of pregnancy. It is believed that the embryo or fetus cannot be considered as a living person at this moment. From her words, it is clear that the living form inside pregnant women at the early stage should not have the right to be protected. It is far more important to protect the right of the pregnant woman who in this time is a source of energy, hormones and blood.  The author also highlights that the abortion in this case is not the end of the future life. It is rather the end of gestational support. Consequently, woman has the right to make the abortion or not. The other essential argument is that women can experience the physical, social and medical risks as a result of pregnancy. There are risks for a woman to die or suffer from economic difficulties and domestic violence. The final point of the author is that some women do not have a desire to be a mother and be responsible for a new human life.  

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Both authors have the right to express their arguments, but it is difficult to agree that some social or economic risks should be the reason to make abortion. Many women raise their children under any difficult circumstances. Additionally, there are plenty of young families which are ready to adopt. The nature designed the women in order to give birth. It did not give the women a natural way to end the pregnancy. Thus, women should follow their destiny. It may be discussed to make the abortion or not when woman was raped or has some medical risk to die. However, it is wrong to discuss the potential possibility for abortion based on the assumption when life begins. Women should understand that abortion may damage their ability to give birth to children in the future. It is also important to keep in mind that abortion is ending not only the future life, but also the future family relationships.      

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