Nov 2, 2017 in Philosophy

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Life of any person on the Earth is unique. It is as possible to find two identical personalities as to find two identical grains of sand in the Sahara desert. All people begin their lives in the same way, but from the moment of birth until death, each life consists of the events unique for each person. It happens because people can experience the same situations and live in the similar environments but the perception of reality remains unique. Therefore, each life is unique as it was stated above. Candide, a young innocent man who lived an easy life provided by the Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, went through many situations to realize that life is full when it is hard and easy, simple and difficult, filled with optimists and pessimists, good and bad people. Self-improvement conditioned by the circumstances is the driving force of such life. Thus, one can conclude that self-improvement leads to a more interesting and full life. People should improve themselves - cultivate their gardens – gardens of life, experience, wisdom, strength, and love continuously.

Self Improvement

Why do some people tend to self-improvement and other do not? Well, there are questions that remain unanswered for eternity. It is one of them. The struggle for self-improvement comes from the unique combination of constant lack of satisfaction with personal results and desire to be better in order to achieve more results in very different areas. Sometimes people start to improve themselves because of their low self-esteem, others need it for career results, and the third ones simply cannot live without new experience, new challenges, and proving themselves that there are no impossible things to do.

As the matter of fact, people start the self-improvement process from the moment they can perceive the environment. Individuals learn to speak, to walk, to understand this world because it is new and interesting. Later, when one goes to school, college, and university, this process continues, though it slows down in most cases. People just begin to think that there is nothing more to learn to live a long happy life, and that they know everything. Thus, the majority of people are not interested in true self-improvement because of lack of motivation and inner desire to know more and be able for more all the time. The situation can be illustrated by the Eldorado episode. It was peaceful and happy time, but life is a process that includes both happiness and sorrow, happy and hard moments, so it was realistic and educational to continue the story, as Voltaire did.

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People gain experience from every situation in our life, be it good or bad one. Candide was influenced by philosophical sentences of optimistic Pangloss, and he did not know life. Life made him different. People should learn to accumulate information and make the appropriate conclusions in order to apply this knowledge for later. Therefore, avoidance of negative experience in the future would lead to more results that are positive. It is possible to achieve only learning from the mistakes in the past. Such characters as Candide himself, Cunégonde, Pangloss and Martin, the old lady Paguette, and Girofile realized the power of self-improvement, self-changing, and gaining the experience, and got the desire to work on their own “gardens”, cultivate them further. All of them understood the simple truth that only actions and honesty with themselves could bring peace and happiness to their souls.

The major difficulty in the process of self-improvement is to accept the concept that everything is experience whatever it would be. Self-improvement is the key to success in the modern world. It concerns better employment opportunities, happier personal life, nicer relationships with close ones, etc. Furthermore, self-improvement is the background for the more meaningful living, filled with vivid moments and obvious reasons to live and keep motivated oneself for the further improvement.

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