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Progress Report Memorandum

This memorandum will provide you with an overview of the progress I have made on my feasibility report concerning the current problem of internal communication at the Procter and Gamble (P&G) Company. The report will present the project's summary, research completed, research in progress, problems encountered as well as an appendix outlining my plan for the final feasibility report. These elements will be instrumental in indicating the step-by-step approach to the solution of the internal communication problem of slow responses to emails within P&G.

Project Summary

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The report that I am preparing will be used to solve the current problem affecting internal communication at P&G. The most significant factor contributing to this problem is a slow response to emails once an issue has been raised. It may take more than one day before members of other departments reply to a single email from an employee. The company has been unable to find a suitable way of coordinating internal communication between different offices. The audience for my report is the communications management team of P&G led by the Chief Communications Officer. This team will use the report to implement the suggested resolutions and recommendations. I plan to solve this problem by carefully evaluating the current communication process of the company to identify the causes and effects of the issue on P&G.

Research Completed

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I began my research by conducting a background check on the company's communication process. I then met with the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of P&G, Mr. Alan G. Lafley, who provided me with relevant details relating to the internal communication problem of slow responses to emails. I chose to meet with the Chief Communications Officer of the company because I believe he has extensive knowledge of the firm in terms of its communication approaches and potential gaps. He affirmed that there are at least eight laptops in every department, but these are not enough to ensure efficient communication. The company spends more than $50,000 on the provision of the Internet to departments, but this has not solved a slow response to emails by employees. My meeting with him also enabled me to understand the company's current problem more thoroughly. I also managed to secure his permission to collect additional data from the company necessary for the research. I have so far been able to determine the implications of the problem to the company from the data collected.

Research in Progress

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Currently, I am researching additional information needed for my feasibility report. I am about to start analyzing the data I have collected so far to develop arguments for possible solutions to P&Gs current communication problem. I am also in the process of developing proper findings based on these data that will explain clearly the problem the company is experiencing. I plan to consult an expert in communication to get thoughts on possible solutions to the problem I am researching. From the appendix at the end of the memo outlining my feasibility report, it is clear that I am yet to determine any possible recommendations the company can implement. It is because there is still some limited amount of research to be conducted. I am certain the feasibility report will be completed on time, as I foresee no further problems in the research progress.


So far, I have experienced several problems during my research. One of them was the challenge of choosing the most essential methodology for my research. There were several options to select, and determining the most reliable methodology posed a challenge to me in the course of planning this research. It wasted a lot of my time as I tried to determine the best. Another problem is related to data collection. Data collected from the employees concerning their experience with the organization's communication process were not very accurate. The inaccuracy was a result of employees' biasness as they expressed their frustration.

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This progress report serves to keep you up-to-date with the current status of my research. You will be able to review the research completed so far and the one to be completed yet. After reviewing this memorandum, you will find that the project entitled An Investigation of the Internal Communication Problem at the Procter and Gamble Company will be completed on time with no further problems.

Appendix A: The Outline for the Final Project

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Purpose

1.3 Focus of the Problem

2 Research Plan and Methodology

2.1 Research Approach

2.2 Sampling Strategy

2.3 Data Collection

2.3.1 Secondary Sources

2.3.2 Questionnaires

2.3.3 Interviews

3 Present Internal Communication Situation at P&G

3.1 Present Internal Communication Channels

4 Discussion

4.1 Implication of the Problem

5 Criteria

6 Overview of Potential Solutions

7 Evaluation of Solutions against Criteria

8 Recommendations (Not yet determined)

9 Conclusion

10 References

11 Appendix

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