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A memorandum, more commonly known as a memo, is a short message or record used for internal communication in a business. Once the primary form of internal written communication, memorandums have declined in use since the introduction of email and other forms of electronic messaging; however, being able to write clear memos certainly can serve you well in writing internal business emails, as they often serve the same purpose.

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Re: Outsourced: Intercultural communication in developing countries 

The current paper examines the aspects of intercultural communication present in the comedy film Outsourced (2006) by John Jeffcoat. Major attention will be paid to the cultural differences between the United States and India as well as the corresponding business issues presented in this movie.


The American company management decides to outsource its call center and considers India to be an optimal alternative in this context. Todd Andersen is selected for fulfilling these functions and organizing the operations of the call center. His main responsibility is explaining to Indian employees the needs of American customers. He also should get the Minutes per Incident under six. However, Andersen faces a large number of culturally difficult situations when his messages are misunderstood and interpreted incorrectly. He even feels despair as he is uncertain whether he will be able to meet the top-managers expectations. Andersen has sexual relationships with his female employee Asha. However, he cannot marry her due to the existing Indian traditions.

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When he is finally able to meet the initial indicators, the top manager informs him that the business will be shifted to China; and all employees are fired. Andersen experiences shock but helps one of his friends to get the position in China. Then, he leaves the country and returns to the United States. However, he has positive impressions of India and Asha.

Relevant Scenes and Recommendations

Although the entire film consists of numerous intercultural aspects, it is reasonable to outline several scenes that are the most important in this context and make corresponding conclusions. The first selected scene is when Andersen becomes familiar with Indian employees. He is shocked because they misunderstand him completely. They even pronounce his name incorrectly. Andersen tries to explain to them the American worldview and values, but his new Indian employees do not comprehend them. The scene demonstrates that it is incorrect trying to influence the worldview of other people without understanding their position (Locker & Kienzler, 2012). As Andersen arrives in a new country, it is his responsibility to be aware of the local traditions and culture.

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Another characteristic scene is when the top-manager informs him that the business will be shifted to China. Although Andersen does not expect such a solution, he helps his new friend to get the desired position in China. In this scene, Andersen demonstrates his ability to learn and make correct decisions. He is right that it is necessary to receive at least some benefits even from negative situations. Moreover, he is also correct that it is important to address not only one’s narrow interests but those of one’s friends especially if they represent another culture. This scene also demonstrates that the interests of all people from different cultures can be harmonized (MacDonald & O'Regan, 2013).

Connections to Intercultural Communication

The movie presents a considerable interest for modern companies and professionals as it is an example of a typical situation for an expanding international IT company. Although some aspects of communication are modified for entertaining purposes, the general framework is correct. People always experience difficulties while working in the intercultural environment especially if they neglect the cultural differences from the very beginning. However, the interests of all social members can be harmonized if corresponding steps are made.

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It may be concluded that the film Outsourced (2006) may serve as a basis for examining numerous aspects of intercultural communication. It demonstrates that cultural differences may create both problems and opportunities for organizations. Everything depends on people’s ability to understand the needs of others and integrate this understanding into actual communication. Although the global business environment poses several new challenges, it may be successfully transformed into a more effective and productive organizational system.

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