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A memorandum, more commonly known as a memo, is a short message or record used for internal communication in a business. Once the primary form of internal written communication, memorandums have declined in use since the introduction of email and other forms of electronic messaging; however, being able to write clear memos certainly can serve you well in writing internal business emails, as they often serve the same purpose.

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RE: Occupational health and safety considerations

Competitive business requires meeting some conditions to attain and maintain the International Labor Organization standards, eliminate occupational hazards, and have measures that meet OSHA working standards requirements. The OSHA standards prompt a small business to provide good service to customers (Reese, 2009). Janitorial stores should make sure that it has taken all necessary measure to follow the required standards.

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The requirement that the insurance company requested is the need for a fire extinguisher to be put in a strategic place, and it should work efficiently. OSHA recordkeeping requires that a report be taken daily to identify job-related illnesses and seek medical treatment. The recordkeeping system supports businesses to be able to keep and maintain the daily routine of the staff to provide services efficiently (Marvel, 1979). The record book should be retained for a period not less than five years for easy monitoring of the staff’s health. The information from the record may help to identify unsafe conditions at the workplace.

Medical Services Provision and First Aid

The OSHA standards require a small business to be located next to a clinic to assist its staff during the emergency. The first aid kits should be easily accessible to each department at the work. There should be a strategy in place which includes hiring private doctors who can assist during emergencies and provide faster services (Marvel, 1979).

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Personal Protective and Clothes

The company should consider the effect of the chemicals during the manufacturing of goods whether they harmful to the staff or not. Protective equipment should be provided including gloves helmet and apron. The equipment will help the staff to cover their faces and the entire body (McCaffrey, 1982). The employees should be in a position of using protective equipment, and they should be well skilled on how to use the protective equipment. Employees in the department dealing with chemicals should be well-skilled to avoid an accident at the workplace (Marvel, 1979)

General Work Environment

The working condition should be clean and orderly arranged for easy movement of the staff within business premises. There should be a branch dealing with general cleanliness of the staff’s working area. Chemical store dip tanks should be cleaned daily. Good sanitation should be maintained in each department (McCaffrey, 1982).

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Safety and Health Recordkeeping

There should be records of related occupational injuries and accidents. It will assist a manager to have experience and make the correction for better operations (Reese, 2009). The records can be used for reference and controlling the emission hazard waste. The record-keeping system will help in preventing future recurrence. The record can be used in implementing new methods controlling work hazards in the future (Reese, 2009).

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Employer Posting

Job safety and protection posters should be displayed in an open area where the staff can read what is required of them (Reese, 2009). This will help avoid careless handling of chemicals and other dangerous job equipment that can cause an accident at work (McCaffrey, 1989). The posters at the workplace provide workers with a chance to learn and be careful working with harmful chemicals.

Hazard Prevention and Control System

A manager should be able to identify all potential and existing hazards within business premises. The company needs to come up with ways in which the hazards should be controlled and handled at all stages of work. The system should be friendly and not harmful to the staff.

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Aisles and passageways should be well marked, and wet surfaces should be covered with non-slippery materials. The hole and sidewalk pathways should be repaired (Marvel, 1979). There should be a route indicator that provides direction on ways to use it. For effectiveness at the work area within business premises, there should be a large space in the corridors for easy movements and faster operations (Marvel, 1979).

Hazardous Chemical Exposure

Staff should be trained and aware of potential hazards at the workplace. They should be well trained on how to handle chemical substances such as acids and toxic. The manager should restrict staff from handling any food or eating while in the store and if possible there should be a poster restricting staff from eating when handling chemicals (Marvel, 1979). When hazardous substances are used, there should be biological monitoring system of the work environment. The containers and storage tanks having chemicals should be labeled appropriately, for example, DANGER or CAUSTICS.

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The importance of attaining OSHA standards will help in protecting staff and customers. The required standards help in making sure that the insurance companies do not overcharge the company in terms of paying a premium. A good working environment can contribute to reducing workplace injuries and hazardous effects among employees and customers who come to purchase the goods directly from the shop. Occupational health and safety regulations should be monitored to avoid closing down of the business, and health services should be provided to the staff.

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