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A memorandum, more commonly known as a memo, is a short message or record used for internal communication in a business. Once the primary form of internal written communication, memorandums have declined in use since the introduction of email and other forms of electronic messaging; however, being able to write clear memos certainly can serve you well in writing internal business emails, as they often serve the same purpose.

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TO: President of the United States



RE: Foreign Policy: Protection of American Jobs

Executive Summary

It is noticeable that the traditional methods and core elements utilized in the creation of the foreign policy agenda in the US are inadequate. For instance, the Agenda-setting theory that involves the media influence on the public needs some improvement. Despite its importance in the American foreign policy platform, it needs a review. The revolution in the international field over the years changed crucial parts in foreign relations. Hence, there is a need to amend parts of the past theories and traditional techniques. However, the main issue relates to employing a change in policy formulation aiming at protecting American jobs. The government should fulfill the wishes of its citizens. The hope of about 81% of the population is the assurance of sustainable jobs, and hence a desire for active engagement in the foreign policy goal (Stokes). The government must control immigration to ensure that the majority of entrants are highly educated to improve the quality of the labor force. The aging workforce must also receive protection for the experienced personnel to stay relevant in the market and uphold the ADEA. Lastly, the State should guarantee quality healthcare for the less fortunate people who lose their jobs.

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Controlling Immigration

The evils associated with immigration are severe in any economy. Despite the argument that the restriction would lock out many desperate immigrants, the government needs to take action. The restrictions would prevent injustices, even though economists believe the overall global poverty elimination can only be achieved through open borders (Clemens 95).

Immigration restriction will protect the American workforce from unemployment. The mechanism supporting this argument is based on the fact that a lack of limits would significantly amplify labor supply in the country. Consequently, the wages offered in the US would fall to the third world level (Caplan 7). Billions of people in the rest of the world remain unemployed due to the high growth rates, especially in the last decade (Maddison). The majority of people live in abject poverty and barely earn a dollar per day. Also, most connect their misery to their home country and hence seek to move to different places. With the current rating of the US as a developed state, such resettlement would cause excess labor supply.

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The most effective mechanism that can be employed relates to allowing a great portion of educated immigrants into the nation as opposed to uneducated individuals. All the American workers would benefit despite the short-term decline in their wages. The value of employment would rise and thus lead to a boost in the non-labor resources, such as real estate and pensions. The residential real estate owned by the citizens would cause an increase in income due to immigrant housing. Taxpayers would benefit accordingly, especially in the current era of bailouts in the mortgage sector. Low-skilled residents, particularly those who rent their households, would become worse off, but the majority of citizens would gain. Taxes collected from the educated immigrants should then compensate for the affected low-skilled Americans. Imposing heavier taxes on settlers proves a more humane and cheaper alternative of protecting the American jobs since those affected are eventually compensated for.

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Protection of Aging Workforce

The government ought to implement practical strategies and diplomacy to uphold the laws concerning age discrimination. Employment practices must be based on fairgrounds and consider the dilemma of the aging population in the job market. Over 76.9 million members of the American workforce are above 40 years old, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Grossman 40). Uncertain economic sways motivate employees to stay longer in their occupational positions. The age bias incidences that cause unemployment to affect a massive portion of the older citizens. Thus, the law must ensure prejudice towards the elderly (Caplan 2).

A policy upholding ethical, practical, and legal fairness towards the older population must prevail in the US. Employers who discriminate against the elderly in their businesses ought to face the wrath of the law. Unplanned and chauvinist downsizing directed against this group must stop. Managers have to cease firing workers based on their age or increasing pension and healthcare costs. The government must establish guidelines and proposals that advocate equal employment opportunities. An elderly qualified person should get at least one position for every four opportunities available. Such opportunities will make jobs for elder citizens secure and people will be confident of getting employment event after possible downsizing.

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The existence of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) provides comfort for the majority of older workers. However, many find themselves discriminated against even with the presence of this law. Harsh employers who break the protective regulation should face strict punitive measures. The aggrieved must get compensation for damages, and huge fines should be imposed on discriminatory managers. Such measures will curb the offenses and make the workforce feel more secure.

Reducing Health-Related Job Loss

In the past decades, United States has been boasting about maintaining low levels of unemployment rates. However, the recent trends show rising levels of job loss from 8.5% to about 12% since 1997 (Farber 17). Also, the number of losses in the white-collar section is rising gradually with years. The managerial and professional areas are vulnerable to downsizing and apparent instability due to the changes in social-economic statuses. Therefore, these patterns influence the health conditions of American human resources.

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Social-economic shocks, such as loss of employment, expose individual health threats. The health disparities experienced in the USA prove how instability in the employment zone can lead to health shocks (Strully 235). In the international trade arena, companies should have the freedom to merge or layoff part of their teams to compete in the global market with changing environments. However, layoffs may lead to increased disease burdens imposed on citizens due to stress-related complications or lack of medical care (Cavico & Mujtaba).

Hence, the State needs to subsidize the costs of major industries in the country to safeguard employment for several residents. Similarly, health care provisions for the devastated persons should be cheaper in the first few months after unemployment to motivate faster re-employment.

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