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Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care

Task 1

Self-determination for individuals rests on their health regardless of their age. As age creeps on people, their ability to remain self-supporting is dependent on their health conditions. The personality of both the health and social care services also plays a great role in the condition of the aged. The East London section, for instance, boasts of accommodating an increasing number of an aging population. The majority of the residents using health care facilities in this area comprise of the older inhabitants. However, addressing the issues of the packages forwarded to them seems challenging. Therefore, the National Health Service (NHS) together with other providers of fitness took a look at East London's work to ensure equality in the provision of health care despite the difference in community backgrounds.

The spotlight of this report relates to Mr. Holland Park, who encloses unique needs. These account hubs information about disability, health perceptions, behavior, and illnesses at the request of Park's family. The paper also shows the change in insight regarding specific needs between the old and the present times. Similarly, the report analyzes the wants of people with definite requirements and the current system set up for their support. Different services for these persons also avail themselves according to the locality.

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According to the Equality Act of 2010, disability refers to the mental or physical impairment with a long-term and considerable unenthusiastic effect on the person's ability to carry out normal activities. Since the types of disabilities are many and may differ, a social care worker should understand the wants associated with his/her patient to extend the necessary assistance. Also, disability may affect other aspects of a human such as their health. Health refers to the condition where a person boasts of complete mental, physical, and social welfare. Mere lack of an infirmity does not amount to health since even healthy people may become sick. Illness refers to a condition where the body lacks good health. Differences like sickness display distinct results in people. Poor fitness sometimes attracts abnormal behavior to the extent that it places the safety of the patient or others at risk. Such manners to some extent may lead to the confinement of the patient or placing of conditions to limit their access to community facilities. The social workers must thus comprehend the circumstances of their diverse clients to employ the obligatory skills for help.

In the past, society viewed disabilities, health, and illnesses differently. The gradual change in perception of disabilities, illnesses, and health attributes to superior and incorporated changes in the health sector. People did not know how to address these challenges in the past. Currently, knowledge and technology give an advantage to dealing with disabilities and providing treatment of the majority of the sicknesses. Despite the many forms assumed by disabilities, the present health sector provides affordable and quality medication. Therefore, the family of Mr. Holland Park should place their confidence in any facility certified to offer health care. Our East London home care would forward quality concern and hence the family members should remain confident in the services we present.

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Over the years, various legislations on fitness amenities faced amendments on the verge of altering and improving the segment. The majority of the acts aim at favoring the populace through schemes such as the insurance policies that give cover against the wellbeing wants and render the provision of health care affordable. In the past, several religious beliefs and cultures prohibited their members from seeking medical attention from the modern medication arrangement. Also, other communities kept their conviction in natural healing from a supreme being. Though this faith still runs through some communities, the proportion is lower. The transformation opens avenues to a large part of the populace accessing health care facilities due to the reduced restrictions from their cultures.

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One of the specific needs that require a close analysis relates to hearing inabilities. It is essential to note that dementia and hearing difficulties have a close correlation. Persons with listening problems are likely to suffer from dementia later in their lives especially if the discomfort lacks early scrutiny. Possibilities of developing dementia record double chances when compared to the likelihood in humans with proper hearing. The chances of developing dementia increase as the hearing challenges rise from moderate to severe. Due to such scenarios, our home care seeks to educate its nurses on ways of caring for clients with all the above-mentioned categories of predicaments.


Providing hearing aids to hearing patients may improve their condition. Our home avails this equipment at affordable prices to accommodate clients from all financial backgrounds. Patients may also get implants that last longer or attain lip reading lessons that are easier. Integrating technology such as providing note-takers improves communication of the clients with the British Sign Language being among the provisions although it calls for the supply of an interpreter. Mr. Holland may hence get an interpreter to facilitate and effect the communication, or acquire an assistance dog to alert about any incoming sounds, whether helpful or hazardous.

The family should also know that payments fall under distinct categories. First, any employed patient is eligible to enjoy all these services from the employer's payments-especially if the routine aims at offering backing in the workplace. Nevertheless, individuals who only seek these supplies for personal reasons should cater to all their costs. Despite the discrimination shown to this group, our nurses show love and care regarding the implemented programs in the system.

Mr. Hollands' family should also be aware of the available modes reliving the cost burden. The availability of direct payment schemes for people with hearing difficulties clears medical bills for such clients and thus reduces the dependence on their families. The local council may also assess a carer for a needy person and fit hearing aids to the suffering to ensure they fit in the community. These services are non-discriminatory and only address any shortcomings appropriately. Our nursing home addresses these challenges excellently through improved healthcare service.

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In conclusion, early addressing of hearing disabilities may lead to positive outcomes. It is vital to obtain a correct diagnosis of Mr. Hollands' hearing troubles. Proper strategies can then follow from the tending team. Regardless of the stage of detection, the use of hearing aids brings significant improvement to the patients. The change in technology and the availability of information concerning illnesses, disabilities and health bring a noteworthy change in peoples behaviour. Nursing homes help clients to improve their conditions and eventually make them fit back into society.

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