Nov 2, 2017 in Medicine

Standards and Principles for Employees

Organizations have standards and principles that all employees have to uphold in the course of discharging their fundamental mandates. This is usually in the form of the employee code of conduct and regulations that seek to check workers’ conduct in their respective areas. Depending on the career path of a given individual, there are particular guidelines that streamline professional conduct of any working person. Whereas companies and other organizations have to play a particular social role, community initiative, professionals have the responsibility to serve others in a way beyond their obvious qualifications. Nursing professionals, in particular, follow holistic guidelines that require not only helping patients with evident conditions but also with other unseen aspects of human life. This is done in an attempt to ensure the well-being of a person.

Like other professions, the nursing profession has standards that practitioners ought to uphold in the course of discharging their mandate. Professional nurses have a duty to ensure total care of a person with any form of illness. They not only deal with physical conditions that affect patients, but also with psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of human living. As an accepted standard, the essence of good nursing practice enables a patient maintain or realize wholeness in all dimensions of human state. This, practically, makes a call to all nursing practitioners to approach their job in a holistic manner (Hutchison, n.d.). Essentially, this notion makes nursing a spiritually-influenced profession, owing to the professional standards in place.


In summary, the standards in the nursing profession oblige the respective practitioners to consider spiritual welfare of individuals. The holistic handling of cases by the nurses and the need to look at the psychological, mental as well as physical being of patients cements the spiritual aspect of the nursing profession (O’Brien, 2010). A famous statement in the medical field is that “…we treat but God heals.”

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