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Group of Related Activities

A program refers to a group of related activities developed with the aim of achieving certain goals. Rigorous program evaluation is essential in determining whether the cost of producing a program is viable. It involves systematic gathering of data and analyzing the data to draw a conclusive decision. Developers and funders use the technique of evaluation to determine how effective a program is implemented. The statistics, gathered during these analysis, help in implementing effective methods of utilizing the program. Primary evaluation is done during the design of the program. It is essential as it guarantees that the development process is in line with the functional and non-functional requirements of the program. Failure to analyze the development of a program from the initial stages contributes to jumbled development. The result is low quality programs that do not meet the requirements of the end-user. Various types of evaluation are available which include formative, process and summative evaluation techniques.

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Various steps are followed during the analysis and evaluation of a program. The first step involves clarifying the program, engaging the stakeholders, assessing the resources, designing the evaluation, determining procedures and measurements, developing the work plan, collect and process the data and lastly taking action. Following these steps, this essay focuses on developing an example program. The hypothetical program analyzed in this essay is a hospital campaign program on good health. The objective of this program is to enable people to control their health and increase that dominance to reduce the death rate. Based on the first step of program evaluation, a number of steps are to be carried out to enhance the success of the program. This is an effective program clarification and it includes the initiatives involved in empowering the people. If proper clarification is done, the result is an attainable, dynamic and effective implementation of the program. Based on the needs and strengths of the society that the program is intended for, the program is designed to meet those objectives. The success of the project depends on the guiding principles. The principles are drafted when all the stakeholders are involved. They mainly answer the questions of when the program is to start, how it is to be implemented, who is to oversee the implementation of the project, and why the program is a necessity to the community.

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The Increased Rate of Death

The program discussed is based on the increased rate of death caused by poor health conditions within a certain society. After this discovery is done, the need to educate the community on a healthy lifestyle becomes essential in order to reduce the death rates within the society. Clarifying the program involves determining the interest of the society and whether they conflict with those of the program, establishing measurable program indicators, and ensuring that prerequisites for evaluation are in place. Measurable program indicators include the number of people who are ready to quit smoking as it is a cause of unhealthy living causing death in the long run. Stakeholders from different organizations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, are to provide their views on effective measures to be taken to enhance program evaluation. The stakeholders play a vital role in the success of the program as they harness resources and provide support. An effective mode of evaluation is to be used to guarantee the success of the program. A better way to measure the progress of the program is to determine the number of people who are responsive to the program. Addicts of drugs and alcohol may respond differently to the program. Acquiring skilled personnel with interpersonal skills will enable reaching people living unhealthy lives and be in touch with their feelings. Adverts showing the effects of unhealthy living may also play an important role in educating the community.

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