Nov 26, 2020 in Medicine
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Professional Communication

Reflection 6

This week provided us with an opportunity to look into the communication that is present within groups as well as leadership and power concepts related to it. The teacher gave us a detailed description of a group and its common characteristics. Also, we learned that there were primary and secondary groups. The unit was well-structured and had a clear outline. As a result, I learned many important things, such as the four stages of group formation suggested by Tuckman. Group maintenance roles were also an interesting topic. I could assume certain positions once the professor had explained their roles. I also found out that group thinking was a negative trend and that I often engaged in it subconsciously, while critical thinking could be a way out. I enjoyed listening about leadership most of all, and now I understand that leadership styles should be used depending on a situation (like in the example with fire).

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Reflection 7

The concept of conflict resolution was quite interesting since I have faced certain situations regarding misunderstandings between my peers and me many times. The professor explained that there were be many reasons why conflicts arose. Now I know that a conflict is not always a bad thing and that it might help to generate new solutions to the existing issue. The interesting point of Week 7 was about being heard and hearing others. The information provided was well-presented, but I still had to learn many new concepts so that I could have a proper understanding of how to apply the theory in practice. The conflict styles were associated with animals, and that helped me to memorize them. Also, I found it very important that the professor explained to us how to solve a conflict. I think that the assertive approach seems to be the best option.

Reflection 8

The lecture of Week 8 looked into misunderstandings and ethical communication, which are the issues every healthcare specialist should be aware of. Thus, I must confess that this topic was difficult for me to comprehend, and I had to review the presentation a couple of times as the concept of ethical communication set the major pillar of my future profession. Ethical behavior is not only related to upbringing and culture but also to the government, organizations, and other establishments where people work. I liked it when the professor explained that all had to start with respecting others. I learned that the most important step was to look inside oneself and to start following ethical rules. Overall, the topic was quite interesting and important as it outlined the major ethical behaviors important to healthcare professionals.

Reflection 9

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The topic that was covered in lecture 9 was rather different from all the others. During Week 9, we did not study the concepts of power and leadership; we focused on the presentation of information; we also learned how one should properly file and format the presented material. I must confess that I am not a person of strict order and I find myself more creative, which is why the material that was covered in that lecture was extremely difficult for me to comprehend. Nevertheless, I learned how to write the introduction, conclusion, and references properly. Also, the professor explained the importance of writing skills and provided us with several examples of how to improve them. I will definitely use the information from this lecture for my future professional studying works that I will have to submit at university.

Reflection 10

Week 10 sparked my interest once again since its topic was related to culturally competent communication. This topic is important because I live in a diverse world and meet people from different cultures. Patient care is definitely affected by the beliefs, biases, and behaviors of a patient; thus, healthcare professionals have to be culturally competent if they want to provide the best care for their patients. The professor explained how culture affected healthcare and why one should address the major challenges of cultural competency. Unfortunately, any kind of discrimination can occur in every corner of the world, and the most important thing is to respect others and be tolerant towards other people. Healthcare professionals should develop skills that would foster and promote cultural understanding and competence, which are the key factors of mutual understanding in any industry and society.

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Reflection 11

The topic of Week 11 was also quite interesting since the Internet and social media are widespread in modern society. The lectures were well-presented and included information about the effects of social medial on the healthcare industry. First, I thought that it had mainly negative affect, but the professor explained that it was an excellent source of new knowledge and a possibility to ask for help and advice from healthcare professionals all over the world through social networking. Thus, the professor warned us to be discreet about our personal lives and not to show all the intimate details of it to the public, since it could damage our image and the reputation of the institution we work for. I also took advice regarding Googling myself, since I found it worth trying. The lectures were quite meaningful since I had never thought of the Internet and social media from such an angle.

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