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Personal Change Paper

One of the most essential and challenging changes which I experienced in my life was my departure from the native town to a big city. It was one of the most dramatic experiences because in one day I felt myself deprived of my friends, relatives, and closest people.

Despite understanding that movement to another place was a burning necessity, it was extremely difficult to adjust to it. I constantly felt lonely even though there were a lot of people behind me. I was overwhelmed by the avalanche of new things: people, buildings, places, and vales. That change resulted in depression. I just could not return to a normal life for some time. I came to another city in order to start my education, but I was not able to concentrate on it. The alteration of the atmosphere has changed my perception of the outer world.

I have to explain that since childhood, I was very tightly connected to my parents and relatives. Out family is marked by close family ties. For that reason, when I had to move from my parents home, I experienced a real stress as I could not endure separation from them. I was constantly thinking about my family and called them millions times a day. They were really disturbed about my emotional well-being. That change had a significant effect on my psychological state. Separation and constant missing my home distracted me from my primary goal. I did not want to study and thought about the possibility of returning home all the time, which was the worst thing. I just could not psychologically accept the fact of my departure. I did not want to realize that I had to adjust to the new conditions. All my thoughts and feelings were centered on the idea of going back home.

The major challenge for me was to return to my daily routine. I had to adjust my psychological state to the necessary tempo of a new life. It was extremely difficult for me to overcome my inner hurdles and find strength to start my life in a new place. I managed to do it as I found friends, who took me out of my depressive state. They assisted me to adjust to the new way of life and get through the stress which I felt.

Researchers Biaggio and Hersen (2007) state that stress is the first and most essential psychological factor related to change. In fact, it was the first thing, which I experienced after my relocation. It was caused by the serious physiological impact on the immune system and the sympathetic nervous system,; in such a way, it has resulted in a serious impact on my health (p. 223).

Wonderlich and Jones (2007) emphasize that the reactions to change include a) denial and avoidance; b) resistance and depression; c) gains and opportunities; d) re-investment; and e) integration and commitment. They tried to state that reactions and responses follow the particular process (Wonderlich and Jones , 2007, p. 31). My experience exemplifies that my change has really gone through the identified states. At first, I felt denial and avoidance; I did not want to admit that I had to start a new life in a new place. Psychologically, I was at home with my family and felt the difference between the reality and desired things. This difference has resulted in my resistance to accept the reality the way it was. I was simply locked in my memories and could not return to the normal daily life. In the course of time, I met friends, and it was the state of new gains. These people have assisted me to resume enjoying life. I started noticing that the new place was full of opportunities. That was one of the final stages, which led to my integration into the new community and commitment.

The understanding of the factors mentioned above is significant in order to make a change transition process smoother. For example, they confirm that the first stages are the most difficult. Most of the individuals feel extreme negative emotions and frequently even fall into depression. In order to make the transition from this stage quicker, one should pay a close attention to those persons who are at the beginning of the change process. They need extra attention from the people surrounding them. Moreover, they should be explained the change curve. They have to obtain psychological awareness of the fact that the change seems to be insurmountable in the beginning; however, in the course of time, it becomes easier to perceive and finally overcome it. The understanding of the psychological states makes an individual more confident that he will manage to cope with difficulties. It brings the understanding that this person was not the only one who experienced it.

In conclusion, it should be assumed that change is always a stressful thing. It makes the individual alter his habits and way of life. It is difficult to human organism to cope with change both physically and psychologically. People often experience depression when they undergo drastic changes in their lives. Health care explanation of the human reactions related to changes simplifies the process of adaptation and integration to the new way of life. It should be admitted that changes often result in stress. Stress leads to more severe reactions, and serious psychological assistance is necessary to make the individual re-interpret his conditions and assess the gains of the altered situation.

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