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Cancer-related complications have become one of the prevailing terminal illnesses in the United States taking 25% of all deaths within the country. Both male and female genders may suffer similar complications such as lung cancer which occurrence rates at about 15% for both. However, other kinds of diseases affect only one of the genders. For example, prostate cancer which is about 25% of cancer occurrences appears only among men, while among women breast cancer picks the largest share of likelihood to occur at 26% (Cancer Prevention and Control, 2014). Despite those statistics, prostate cancer takes only 10% of all cancer cases for men, while breast cancer covers 15% of all cases claimed by women both being behind lung cancer. That indicates that lung cancer has become the biggest killer in the country. Again, child or teen cancer is rare and when it appears, leukemia is most prevalent among its kinds. According to a CDC report covering cancer cases from 1999 to 2011, the incidence rate for the disease has been on the decline for all races regarding male gender (Cancer Prevention and Control, 2014). In the case of females, the frequency has neither decreased nor increased as much thus remaining almost at the same levels for the entire period.

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However, the black race has the highest amount of such diagnoses as well as deaths of both men and women. According to a local American director of the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Nashville, mortality from the disease has notably reduced thus complementing the findings by the CDC. The organization's analysis shows a reduction in mortality by 22% from the period beginning in 1991 and ending in 2011. This is attributes to awareness among the population on causes of cancer which has led people to avoid activities such as smoking and unhealthy foods. However, ACS observes that the decline was not common in all the segments of the population and for black females was rising.

ACS has been a major contributor to the fight against cancer. For that reason, the organization has received financial as well as another major support initiative from CDC through their cooperation. American Cancer Society engages in campaign initiatives aimed at cancer reduction as well as support for the already suffering individuals. Statistics show that the organization has made progress and most cancer patients and the general public are reaching out for information about the disease. At the time of its founding, cancer was much feared and little talked about a phenomenon. The organization has been able to reverse this through interactions and journals to create awareness. These efforts are paying off as more people become conscious of their health particularly about the illness. Further, the organization has involved itself in research programs aimed at devising effective ways of dealing with the cancer menace (Hrywna, 2013). All these efforts are gladly paying off and can be supported by the constant decline in the diagnoses and deaths relating to the disease.

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In its budgeting, the society has reserved monies for patient support, prevention, research, detection as well as treatment, and support services which may include fundraising. These initiatives have made society ranked as one of the most recognized charitable organizations. With individuals getting to trust its activities, awareness on avoidance of dangerous habits that could result in diagnosis has been on rising (Press, 2013).

Again, it has encouraged communities to make testing that provides the advantages of early detection of the disease when it can easily be fought. Fighting stigmatization has also been effective, allowing patients to interact and share as well as with the community at large on the need to fight the threat from a focal point. Finally, the organization's fundraising program is a reward to the specific individuals that the fund assists. As the ACS continues to grow in service delivery, it is important to look at the funding for its activities. Although cancer cases seem to be reduced, an awareness campaign, as well as fundraising for the infected patients, will be of utmost importance. Again, the use of modern cancer treatment techniques will go a long way in easing patients suffering. To ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization are met, certain approaches ought to be applied to guarantee its effectiveness.

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First, collaboration mechanisms must be established between ACS and other health institutions such as hospitals and clinics. Secondly, community leaders should be provided to ensure that the programs offered have the support of those they intend to help. Thirdly, partnership with other private sector groups is necessary to secure the best investments in healthcare. Fourth, government engagement at all levels is essential as it will help create a legal framework aimed at easing the activities of the organizations. Again, in this age of digital information, it will be easier for the group to reach a youth segment that remains vulnerable to cancer through social media platforms among others. Moreover, the institution's improvement in leadership and outreach programs will effectively help meet its objectives as could have been anticipated. The outreach programs would include appealing to academic and religious institutions and cooperating with them to address certain segments of the community present.

ACS properly operates within the ten public health essential services. Each of these important services is used by the American Cancer Society. First, one essential service offered by public health is monitoring the health status as well as identification of society's health problems. ACS does that by research as well as public participation in detecting the spread of cancer. Again, through organizations' partnership with health institutions, it has been able to diagnose and carry out investigations of cases of the disease. Due to that information, the group can offer advice on the habits that should be avoided.

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Another mandate of public health is to offer information, educate as well as empower the vulnerable society. ACS allocates finances for community projects as well as the production of journals that are aimed at informing their readers and the public in general. Further, mobilization of partnerships within the community to solve health challenges has been core to the activities of ACS. The programs they have commenced to engage the public include attraction of fundraisers to support the fight against cancer which luckily enlists the private sector.

Furthermore, developing policies and plans supporting healthy community efforts have been a core achievement of ACS. Meeting different groups that suffer from diverse kinds of cancer and writing articles on the disease has well-enlightened people on how to assist the affected as well as avoid habits that would put them at risk of being diagnosed with cancer. More importantly, ACS has become a link of the public to health information as well as services, especially where they were difficult to reach. To achieve that goal it makes publications and has a national wide network that helps it get closer to the public.

Moreover, as a body that partners with government departments, ACS has been at the forefront in ensuring public health informing people about public health rules and regulations. Additionally, ACS has well-trained professionals as well as contract professionals to help it, monitor, detect and support patients to their best. Again, evaluation of the organizations working programs in the society shows their accessibility, effectiveness, and the high-quality services the public receives from ACS (Hubner & S. Marienfeld, 2012). Finally, fighting for healthcare requires more commitment to research and innovations. ACS commits much to research on cancer, analyzes the data, and shares its findings with relevant bodies. The organization also engages in the implementation of recommendations.

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