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Assignment 2: Job Analysis / Job Description

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The episode 13 of the season 6 of the CBS television show UnderCover Boss depicts Todd Pedersen, the CEO and the founder of Vivint Inc., one of the largest home security and automation services providers in North America. Using the interviews of Vivints employees as an example, the current paper attempts to create an effective job analysis and provide a job description of a wireless Internet installer and a monitoring center representative.

It is increasingly apparent that both positions play an important role in simplifying residents life. The wireless Internet technicians install wireless devices and repair any network problems that may arise so as to enable the clients to constantly access Internet both at work and home without experiencing any difficulties (Info Tech Employment, 2012). The duty of the monitoring center representatives is to ensure the security of their customers twenty four hours a day and seven days a week (Fay, 2006). Frequently, the cases may occur when the lives of the representatives of both occupations discussed heavily depend upon employees prompt response and effective decision-making.

The job of a wireless Internet installer is physically demanding as long as the workers have to perform installations and repair work on the roof. Therefore, the required job qualifications include the ability to climb and remain in upright position for extended time, as well as to fulfil professional duties in various weather and working conditions. The wireless Internet installers need to plan and manage the installation and repairing process both in offices and homes (Info Tech Employment, 2012). The expertise of the monitoring center representatives consists in verifying and responding to emergency signals as well as analyzing data changes to clients accounts (Fay, 2006). Such kind of job implies greater responsibility, hence often causes employees to experience mental and emotional stress.

The job positions differ not only in the nature of tasks but also in the way the work is accomplished. The wireless Internet technicians employ advanced electronic equipment to provide connectivity to their clients. Therefore, the primary focus is to ensure that wireless Internet equipment is properly installed and functions without delay (Info Tech Employment, 2012). The wireless Internet installers need to possess thorough comprehension of digital and electromechanical technology as well as to understand highly technical matters. Thus, it is essential for employees to gain a bachelor degree from university or college to prepare for a career in the field of wireless communication technology. Given the fact that the monitoring center representatives need to manage and access emergency signals, their main equipment includes computers and the Internet. Moreover, the employees have to acquire solid knowledge of the alarm systems. Though High School Diploma or equivalent is not necessarily required for occupying the position, a 2 week extensive training is conducted before taking emergency calls (Fay, 2006). Finally, both job positions demand strong problem-solving skills and resilience. It is worth mentioning that the interview method was applied to collect the job-related information for the current analysis. The interviewees provided a valuable insight into their professions by discussing their working styles, skills, and techniques required to perform their job. Having conducted the job analysis and outlined the chosen method, it is appropriate to proceed to the job description.

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The wireless Internet technicians install wireless Internet devices as well as repair the defective parts if that becomes necessary. Thus, the job goal consists in providing clients with connectivity and high-speed Internet access at home and workplace. Main responsibilities include installing, testing and repairing wireless Internet devices, responding to clients complaints of wireless services, and maintaining inventory of all wireless devices and equipment. Evidently, this job position is both physically and mentally challenging (Info Tech Employment, 2012). The employees may be required to work in poor or harmful conditions, or to perform physically demanding actions, such as climbing, digging, lifting, and carrying necessary equipment and wireless devices weighing a maximum of 90 pounds. Furthermore, the Internet installers need to demonstrate solid knowledge of digital technology and network system as well as to possess strong problem-solving and detail-oriented skills (Info Tech Employment, 2012). Gaining a bachelor degree in telecommunication technology is strongly encouraged to occupy the position. Apart from that, the wireless Internet installers closely work with the sales department and are obliged to report to its representatives on the daily basis. Importantly, the position has alternative career options, such as a line installer and a broadcast technician. The average hourly wage of the employees is $26.

The monitoring center representatives aim at ensuring constant protection to the customers and their families. Thus their main duties consist in correct responding to the emergency alarm from the clients systems and dispatching these signals to the police, medical and fire agencies (Fay, 2006). The current position is characterized by little physical effort and much sedentary work at the office which requires familiarity with the Internet and Microsoft Office applications. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are another important consideration for this position. It is preferable to have two years of customer service experience, but High School or any other diploma is not required (Fay, 2006). Working relationships presuppose compliance with security alarm technicians. The average salary for this job position is $12.

It is necessary to point out that the proposed job analyses and job descriptions are legally compliant for several reasons. First of all, neither of them indicate age preference, thereby supporting the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (Bohlander & Snell, 2010). Moreover, both descriptions and analyses consider the Disabilities Act, which is why all working conditions are clearly noted. Since the wireless Internet installer needs to perform physical activities in the role, the respective requirements are mentioned as well. Finally, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 is also taken into account when creating job descriptions (Bohlander & Snell, 2010). Thus, no disparity in pay rates can be observed for different genders performing the same role.

All in all, the job analysis and job description of wireless Internet installers and monitoring center representatives have been successfully conducted. The interview method was chosen to obtain valuable job-related information regarding responsibilities and requirements associated with the analyzed occupations. Finally, the job analyses and job descriptions have been proved to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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