Nov 26, 2020 in Management

First Current Event Reflection

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Terrorism is known for its dramatic cruelty to the innocent people for decades. Every nation includes people with different religious and moral beliefs, or, in other words, those who have various or opposite personal views on things and events. After recent Paris terror attacks and Russian plane crash in Egypt, people of all countries are in fear that they can be involved in identical situations. One of the recent examples, when Arabic-speaking individuals were prevented from boarding a local flight, should be close considered to define its reasons and possible consequences.

Despite the fact that terrorist attacks are planned and performed by a small group of typically religious fanatics, the entire nation suffers from the consequences. Moreover, individuals of Middle Eastern origins already face inconvenient situations, especially when it comes to relocation from one place to another. Recent news pointed that American passengers fear to be on the same plane with individuals who speak Arabic (El-Sebahy, 2015), which is an understandable concern. In such cases, it is highly important to understand for both Americans and Arabs that such unpleasant situations are a temporary side effect. On the other hand, if the reaction to the Arabic language will be similar to the mentioned above, and if the number of complaints will grow, it may lead to a more serious confrontation than the one that can be seen today. To prevent the growth of this problem, the Government should implement informative programs that would objectively explain via mass media what behavioral pattern is the best to choose and how to react to the wrongful accusations.

In conclusion, it should be stated that in this particular case, the airport security and the frightened passengers cannot be seen as aggressors because their actions are only a reflection of a bigger-scale problem. The safety of citizens in public places should be a top priority, and various unpleasant situations must be handled intelligently by both sides.


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Second Current Event Reflection

When a person becomes famous, he or she starts to be the object of mass-media interest, which is a serious stress. Since being famous can provoke a variety of negative emotions, celebrities can be included in a substance abuse group risk. The famous actor Charlie Sheen, who is known for having drinking problems, had revealed his HIV-positive status (Steel, 2015). Therefore, to define what problems are connected with being diagnosed with HIV, the information given in the article should be considered more closely.

Famous people are in a vulnerable position regarding serious diseases, just as common people, despite their financial status and possibilities. A lifestyle that includes drug and alcohol abuse often implies unsafe sex. The HIV diagnosis of Charlie Sheen is a vivid example of the statement above. Moreover, the success of celebrities is tightly connected with their reputation, which is a good ground for blackmailing. In fact, blackmail was the primary reason for revealing the diagnosis in public. Since intimidation is officially a serious crime, Mr. Sheen has full legislative and moral rights to file lawsuits against the blackmailers to compensate the financial losses. On the other hand, there is a high possibility that Mr. Sheen will also face false accusations for not revealing the diagnosis to each partner. Besides, there are small chances for him to get a good job in the film industry because of his health condition and reputation.

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The situation with Charlie Sheen has two implications: possible lawsuits and bigger damage to the financial condition determined by the lack of well-paid jobs. The right not to disclose personal HIV status to everyone is undisputable because once the fact of disease is revealed, the carrier of the virus faces only negative social reaction. At the same time, not telling people who can be involved in a physical contact about having this disease is illegal and morally wrong.


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Third Current Event Reflection

For the last few years, there were already few cases when unarmed black males of different ages were shot by white police officers. Every shooting led to a series of protests, where people demanded justice. The release of the credible video that had a scene of the deadly shooting that took place in 2014 had triggered the protests in Chicago (Guarino, Lowery, Berman, & Moyer, 2015). Since the protests are only a part of the big-scale problem, the positive and negative sides of the video release should be examined more closely.

The confrontations between black and white people have lasted throughout the history of the United States. Despite the fact that today the society is more tolerant, this problem still does not seem to get a proper solution. Moreover, it is worsened by the idea of police officers being involved in a racial conflict. In fact, it is vital for every society to realize that police protects every member of it objectively. The situation in question points that with the number of unarmed black males being shot by police, its officers seem to stand on the different side of justice. The positive side of releasing the video officially is letting people understand that law is the same for a common citizen and a police officer. This move should be the beginning of solving the problem by pointing to the fact that officials do not have privileges when it comes to committing a crime. The negative implication of the video release and the entire situation is admitting that the police system requires immediate adjustments.

Therefore, it should be stated that the police system obviously needs to be revised as shootings become a pattern but not a coincidence. Local authorities and the government should consider it as one of top priorities to escape massive confrontations on the streets all over the country.

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