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The Four Functions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management

Planning, organizing, leading and control (POLC) are the four functions of management that are essential not only for organizations as they can be used in peoples everyday lives. In particular, they are widely employed in the life management. Self-management is a deliberate and consistent use of proven methods of work in daily practice that aims at the optimal use of time and its features, conscious control over life and overcoming of the external challenges. Management can improve individual life that requires planning, organizing, leading and control.

Daily, I face numerous challenges that require my attention. This process can be represented as a circle of self-management that is important in personal achievements. When I decide to do something, I should decide how to do it. It means that when I use planning, I can reduce the level of stress I can face. It is necessary to plan ahead: when I want to do something the next day, I should plan it at the end of the previous day. That is why I always try to come home and to plan my next day, and in the morning, when I arrive at work, I already know what to do. People who plan, organize, lead, and control their usual daily activities have much free time and succeed more effectively in all their beginnings.

Planning submitted to me in different ways: by using calendars, charts, matrices, charts, and other instruments. It should become a natural process that can be easy to understand and implement. A plan helps me to compose my day in a right manner that allows me to respect others and not to distract them over trifles. As a rule, I have a lot of things to do during the day, and if I do not plan my day, I do not have time to take my clothes from the laundry or do shopping in the nearest grocerys store. A person must become an expert in his/her daily actions, saving his/her energy from fulfilling unnecessary tasks that tend to steal time. In todays world, people are planning everything and this is the only way that one can achieve his/her not only short-term but also long-term goals. My personal career plan is a GPS-navigator based on my values and priorities, paving the way for the tumultuous modern life for me and preventing me from forgetting my main purpose and mission.

Everybody wants to organize their lives effectively, but they are not sure where to start. As for me, I try to look on how I spend my day. A diary is a helpful instrument that assists me in organizing my life. It is always effective to find out how much time is spent passively - in traffic jams, social networks, surfing the Internet. If I know that during the day I will have idle time (standing in a queue, waiting for admission, or something other), then I try to use this time as much effective as possible, for example, to check the mail or make urgent calls. Before proceeding to doing any business, it seems to me that it can be wise to think what processes can be carried out without the direct participation and just run them. I realize that a person who plans and organizes his/her time should make progress in the alignment of priorities and learn to say no.

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Leading seems to be my utmost priority in my family life and in a group of peers. It usually takes a lot of efforts to lead followers and to take responsibility for others. In the childhood, my father led everybody giving directions to every member of the family. When I grew up, I took many responsibilities in our family. Thus, any specific situation requires my direct assistance, and nobody can resolve any question without my participation. Due to my abilities to use self-management, I usually make effective decisions. A considerable life experience allows me to decide how to spend family weekends and plan vacations. To find better solutions, I try to search on the Internet finding various options for holidays. For example, last vacations, I convinced my family members to go to the mountains to ski. It was not easy to make a good decision, but I did it.

Leadership is the process where a leader is a person who evokes trust of others. The question what leadership style would be the most effective remains open to me, because it depends on a huge number of factors such as a group size, the level of trust and communication in the group. Each specific situation requires a certain leader. The ability to observe and understand what is happening (the ability to feel the situation) is of a paramount importance for me. It requires a combination of sensory and cognitive abilities.

I believe that time is life, and it is irreversible and irreparable. In order to master my life, I try to control it all the time. The major evidence of this is that I always try to make a selection among different activities, considering a higher priority. I try to keep in mind the ideas that are particularly suited to me and that can improve my life. For example, there is no doubt that going to a gym is much better for me than visiting McDonalds. This behavior allows me to perform important tasks, even if they seem to be very difficult, unpleasant or impossible.

To sum up, planning, organizing, leading and control are essential parts of human life. For this reason, it is important to develop a strategy that could involve all these concepts. Time is life, and nobody can spend time in vain. The purpose of life management is to organize people and make them feel more comfortable in their everyday activities.

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