Nov 2, 2017 in Management

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Manager and Leader

Manager and leader are key figures that play the significant role in the formation of the company’s success. It is impossible to run the company to the future prosperity without them. From the first sight, there is no difference between a manager and a leader, as they both perform the leading role in the enterprise. However, the significant difference between them is that manager maintains the current situation and success, but a leader is thinking about a new strategy and how to improve a current situation.

Manager is a person in the organization that translates the current tasks and requirements to subordinate in order to maintain the daily tasks at the high level. Manager prefers to follow the plan based on the structural approach, data and people. For this purpose, he or she uses logical or rational solutions and enjoys detail and practicality. In contrast to manager, leader is free in his/her ideas and uses the unstructured approach. Leader is ready to take risks and come up with unusual ideas that are based on the changes and his or her perception of reality. Leader sets goals even when the current financial situation seems very profitable for the company in order to achieve great results in the future and escape any failure. At the same time, manager prefers to focus on the short-term results. Leader is a person that creates the special culture among employees and motivates them by intangible things. He or she knows how to organize the work of employees in order to implement and achieve the future strategy. Manager uses the tangible things in order to motivate subordinates and implement the current strategy.

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There is no clear line between a manager and a leader. Sometimes, a leader can implement the function of manager. Sometimes, manager can demonstrate leadership skills. However, there could be many people who can be managers, but only few amounts of people could be the true leaders. “The manager has his or her eye always on the bottom line; the leader’s eye is on the horizon” (Warren). Company should rely on efforts of a manager and a leader. However, a manager can only maintain the current success while leader can create and come to it.

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