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A financial career has a wide range of job positions to choose from for people who would like to spend the rest of their lives in the work environment where numbers and documentation are the priority. I had the opportunity to interview an accountant who works in a successful private financial company, which provides financial services for other organizations. On one hand, I had a pleasure and enjoyable time while conducting an interview. I received an interesting and educational experience that taught me more new things and gave the key information about the main characteristics of this profession. On the other hand, it was a challenge for me to be in the role of the interviewer because my interviewee was a serious person with more than ten years of experience in the financial field. I spend two hours while asking questions that I was interested in.

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Interview Process

After brief greetings and arrangements about how much time we have, I asked him to describe for me the typical workday and what skills people should have for such a position. On the daily basis, the average accountant has to check the numbers that other people report to him. The duties also include monitoring taxes of individuals or other companies, reporting about the financial and income standing, accounting payroll, monitoring the validity of the initial documentation, providing mutual settlement with customers, registration incoming and outgoing invoices, working with documents, and so on. To accomplish all these duties without any mistakes, it is necessary to have such skills as attention to detail, perseverance, and the ability to interact with others. It is vital to be comfortable with numbers and have strong communication skills. Additionally, it is necessary to have at least a bachelor’s degree in education. However, after his recommendations, I understood that it is better to achieve the highest level of education to be competitive and successful in this career.

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Fixing minor mistakes among the pile of documents is the most difficult challenge that an accountant may face each day. My interviewee highlighted that it takes a lot of time to find and correct them. It is also a negative part of his job which sometimes makes him come home late. Among other disadvantages, he also mentioned the presence of stressful situations and being alone for the decent part of the day. However, he is satisfied with his work and told that the most enjoyable thing in his job is to work with a team and understand that he is a valued player who can make decisions on the company’s strategy. The standard working week for an accountant is 40 hours. However, he has to work approximately 6o hours per week during tax season, which starts in January and ends by mid-April. It is the toughest season in his job. I was surprised to find out that he has only two weeks of vacation which he usually takes after the tax season. However, he is glad that he consistently has two days off work per week and days that coincide with holidays. My last question was about the advancement potential in his field. He firmly told me that everything depends on your hard work and motivation. He emphasized that for well-motivated people, the road is always open to become a financial analyst. It is even possible to be promoted to a chief financial officer if you are really talented and the company needs the true leader.

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Eventually, I was satisfied with the constructive conversation and my results. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous, but after a few minutes, I become to feel confident and finished my interview as a professional journalist. I asked all the questions that I wanted to and even managed to make some notes during the conversation. From this interview, I learned that an accountant is an important figure in a financial organization, who can make an impact on the company’s strategy and is responsible for the r proper flow of money through numbers and documents. I think that I would like to work in this field.

After this interview and the information that I received from the homework assignments, I totally understand what actions I should take to get myself closer to this career. First of all, it is necessary to plan my education process which requires finishing at least the bachelor’s degree. It is also important to continue education and get an MBA degree. It is not necessary to be a genius in mathematics, but it is important to have the ability to quickly calculate and operate with numbers. That is why it is obviously necessary to get certain skills and knowledge during education. It is also important to highlight that the studying process in an education facility gives not only certain knowledge but also develops a student as a personality and teaches him or her how to solve problems or properly communicate on the formal level. It teaches a student how to properly behave, manage time and develop professionalism.

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However, education is not the only thing that I should achieve while seeking to stay on the path of this career. It is also vital to develop my personal skills that would help to integrate into the working collective and apply all knowledge that was obtained during the years in university. Among such skills is the ability to concentrate attention on one task without losing focus. In some cases, it is important to have the ability to solve more than one issue at the same time. I have to think critically which will help me find some minor mistakes and propose some ideas for implementing the new strategy. I should be well motivated and develop reported skills. To develop such skills, it is necessary to actively participate in any educational or life activities that have a direct connection to this career. It would be better to find people who already have those skills and spend as much time with them as possible. It would be a good practice to debate with them on financial topics. I should also be aware of new management approaches and read the literature that tells about the improvement of personal skills. One of the most important things is to start looking for career opportunities while studying. It will give me more chances to get a job in this career. While looking for an internship I also should demonstrate that I am committed to learning and motivated to make all efforts to bring the company to success.

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