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My Claim

In my opinion, playing video games is harmful to child’s mental and physical growth. Moreover, it has a negative influence on the development of the society.

The Importance

The problem of video games is of great significance since it influences children, who are our future. If we take into account all the evil things these video games can teach them, it is reasonable to suppose that the future will be horrible. The majority of video games deprive children of all the valuable moral principles.

  • Reason 1

First of all, the problem of video games concerns children’s physical health, as spending too much time playing them can cause serious illnesses, such as vision, postural, skeletal, and muscular disorders.


It seems that with the development of technologies, our lives become easier in many ways. However, as much as it can help us, it can hurt us. As soon as a new gadget appears at home, it becomes the center of everyone’s attention. As a result, the family, focusing on the wrong object, forgets about real life. The same thing happens with video games: if a child spends all the spare time playing video games, he/she loses sleep or skips meals because of the redundant game play. So, this addiction will definitely negatively affect the child’s health. As we know, the main principle of child’s successful growth is fresh air, active and healthy lifestyle, and communication with others.

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First, spending too much time playing video games causes profound vision problems. If parents do not pay attention to how much time a child spends in front of the computer, laptop, or TV, when it comes to treatment, they will encounter many difficulties. Moreover, children’s eyes are very sensitive and playing video games for too long can make them vision impaired for the whole life

Second, if a child spends more than 2 hours a day in front of a monitor or television instead of taking part in physical activities, he/she may suffer from obesity. Additionally, such lifestyle can also lead to the following muscular and postural disorders: carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, nerve compression, headaches, and backaches.

Arguments Against the Reason

On the other hand, the assumption that video games affect health negatively cannot be applied to all players. If a person except for playing games participates in other physical activities, spends a lot of time in the fresh air, the possibility of becoming game-addicted and encounter health problems is reduced to the minimum.

Every activity, even the healthiest one, can do some harm if it is not performed rationally. The overabundance of video games can cause problems, but if a person controls the time he/she spends on them, there is no need to worry.

  • Reason 2

It is a fact that children absorb everything they experience in their childhood. Aggressive and violent video games are not an exception, as children consider everything happening there as something that is absolutely normal in the real world. As a matter of fact, they start copying the aggressive behavior and thoughts of the games’ characters. It is very dangerous since this model of behavior can ingrain in them and it can lead to the development of the society in which cruelty and violence are norms.


As the researches have shown, violent video games create a significant factor in risk for offensive behavior. The violence in games provokes aggression by enlarging negative emotions and thoughts, regardless of the fact that their physiologic revival qualities have been controlled. What is more, violent video games can awake positive attitude towards brutality, and create a dissocial attribution bias. For instance, other people’s behaviors are perceived as hostile. As a result, the vulnerability to violence in video games evokes the feelings of hostility and anger in players. This kind of influence is extremely dangerous, as it can result in the development of a disturbed personality.

Arguments Against the Reason

Some video game companies have secured their online service by limiting the age of their players. In order to login and play there, the users have to use their IDs. Moreover, parents can control what kind of games their children play.

My answer:

Nowadays, everyone can easily get a fake ID and use it for different purposes. There exist many ways how children under the limited age can find a forged ID and use it to play the game they want. Concerning parents, they can control what their children do at home, but they cannot control what video games they play outside the home.

  • Reason 3

Video games may negatively influence children’s mental and social growth. Playing brutal or cruel video games can affect children’s attitude towards the real world, and even make them commit crimes, which are not considered as something “evil” in some video games.


It is obvious that the amount of screen time has a significantly destructive influence on the mental growth, in particular, school performance. Poor school performance is associated with high amounts of screen time, as it displaces the time that could be spent on more useful activities, such as homework, reading, or other educating exercises.

One more aspect of life that can suffer from the excess of video games are social growth or relationships with others. Gamers prefer communicating with virtual characters rather than real people. As a result, they become so used to such type of communication that it becomes complicated for them to talk with others in real world.

Arguments Against the Reason

Not all video games contain useless or violent information. Educational games help to develop knowledge and logic skills. They are absolutely safe and cannot damage the society.

My Answer

Generally, any kind of video games, either violent or educating, can have a negative result for children’s development. The games waste the time that can be spent more reasonably. The children are deprived of real childhood, full of joy, outside games, and real friends.


Nowadays, we can already see the effects of video games. If we look out of our windows we will see few to no children playing outside. We can only imagine how these violent and cruel games will affect their future. However, it has to be primarily our concern if we want the society to develop properly, promoting not cruelty, but high moral principles.


To conclude, all the researches prove that violent games can only harm all aspect of child’s development. They negatively affect child’s mental, social, and physical health and raise the aggression level. As a result, the negative development of every child in particular will lead to the negative development of the society as a whole.

All in all, people themselves control their lives and choose how their behavior should affect them. No one else can make us do anything either harmful or useful. It is up to us to choose how video games are to affect our life. Most importantly, we have to do it reasonably.

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