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The humorous speech by Brooke Grubb is called “Crazy in Love”. It is dedicated to the problems of a woman who cannot find the right man. Brooke Grubb tells this story as if she took it from her experience of dating in an attempt to have a relationship.

“Crazy in Love” by Brooke Grubb

Brooke Grubb starts with mentioning Einstein's words that it is senseless to always apply the same method and expect new results every time. It is a rhetorical appeal to ethos because the use of quotations helps the speaker to increase her credibility. When people hear that she does not only compose humorous speeches, but also cites such famous scientists as Einstein, they take it more seriously. In general, the use of quotations in the beginning of the speech seems to be a good method to attract the attention of the audience.

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Next, Brooke Grubb shows how the words of Einstein suit her life and how she decided to change her bad luck in love by changing the method she used to search for men. She tells how she found a dating website, and her nine-year-old son recommended using it because nothing else was working. Reading some advices from the website, she started to follow them to bring changes to her life. She described them in a special humorous way because, for example, standards of men she would like to date were absolutely not realistic but rather comical. Changes did not make her wait for a long time, and she started to date some men. Finally, she found a guy she would like to be with, although this person was also a bit far from her ideal. In the end of the speech, she made a conclusion that change of the approach to the love life was a fruitful experience, though it was insane because the concept of being insane is relative.

The rhetorical organization of the speech is close to perfect. The speaker uses all kinds of appeals, including the abovementioned ethos, as well as logos and pathos. Pathos is the one that is especially seen in this performance: Brooke Grubb tries to influence the emotions of the audience almost with each her phrase. The brightest example of the appeal to emotions is when she talks about personal male standards and says that he should not be a toastmaster, giving particular reasons why it is so. The whole audience is obviously represented by toastmasters, and it reacts to this statement very lively. With this and other provoking statements, examples, stories, Brooke Grubb does not let the people's attention distract and makes them concentrated on her performance.

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The logical organization of the speech is also good. Listeners are able to follow the story and understand which ideas influenced the speaker's decision, which actions caused which results. It is very important for a speech; if a speaker does not follow some plan or structure, the audience does not understand the point of it.

The delivery of the speech is top-level. Brooke Grubb is an incredibly emotional woman who rivets the attention of everybody to her character on the stage. In addition to the well-structured content of the speech and rhetorical appeals, she also prepared a humorous action and herself as an awesome actor. This action became her key to success because not everybody who can write good speeches can perform them as well as this speaker did. Even though I do not like the topic of the speech, I highly rate Grubb's artistic and rhetorical efforts. I think that she chose the right path for self-realization.

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