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Today, modern tourism industry experiences changes that are inevitable due to the changes in the perception of vacation and economic constraints caused by the processes in the world economy. People want to spend vacations in interesting places, tired from the rush and many people in big cities. However, they want to do it with comfort but paying reasonable compensation for it. Therefore, it can be concluded that the best concept to build and develop hotel/inn/bed and breakfast business is to create a resort somewhere far from civilization but including all conveniences, supported by high-class services and all this must have reasonable price.

Based on the above-said, it should be added also that extreme experiences in tourism area are one of the most desired these days. Therefore, there are reasons to believe that people could pay extra money to have a vacation they would remember for a long time that the one they could have every year. It means that building a new resort in some unexpected and unusual area is a rather perspective idea. There are plenty places on the planet that have the reputation of world-class sights of interest like Greece, Egypt, OAE, Thailand, etc. People from all over the world come to these places every year so their attractiveness is still on the high level. However, their newness is rather questionable.

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The Plan

Since it has been decided to provide potential tourists with lack of civilization, high-class comfort and services, and extreme experiences, the idea is as follows: it is necessary to build a resort near Chernobyl. This area is a world-known place of a nuclear-plant disaster that happened in 1986 on the Ukrainian soil, one of the biggest former republics of the former Soviet Union (World-nuclear).

Nuclear plant reactor blew up because of some malfunction and the entire region was in danger of the imminent death from radiation. A small town, called Pripyat`, was evacuated and 30 kilometers zone was called “the exclusion zone” in order to prevent people from entering it. Anyhow, it is a very scary but spectacular place, where the time stood still in the Soviet epoch of 80s ( Building a resort near such a controversial place is rather risky but there are many reasons to believe that this business venture will succeed.

There are three major concepts that should be implemented in order to achieve success. First, it is necessary to create such a recreation zone that would have all features of the old soviet hotel from the outside. It should make the resort be a part of the environment. It is possible to decorate the interior similar to the hotels of the Soviet Union in order to create certain atmosphere inside the rooms. However, it should be equipped with the best possible solutions, most contemporary and convenient. Following this idea, the resort should become a very interesting place to spend vacation – controversy of the old-fashion style and technology is rather unusual.

The second concept is to provide visitors with tours to Chernobyl zone, visit Pripyat` and locations that can be visited due to the moderate radiation contamination. It is the place of interest beyond any doubts because the whole town was evacuated within days. People were not able to take their things, toys for kids, books, furniture. They left everything there. Therefore, this town looks like a dead one, with empty apartments, playgrounds, streets, schools, etc. Specialized tours can provide tourists with impression they will not ever forget.

For the most extreme, bald ones, it is possible to organize some sort of sleepovers in Pripyat`. Staying in the dark, half-destroyed, lost town filled with stories and legends about the mutated creatures (because of radiation exposure) and strange people, who decided to stay in the zone can be rather frightening but still exciting. Such extreme tours can be organized as well, in addition to the regular ones.

The third concept is the creation of the promo-campaign to attract attention to the resort. It can be done via viral ads in the Interment, social networks, etc. It is necessary to create the atmosphere of mystery – it works in the best way for such kind of places.

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Conclusions and Recommendations

People would want to have new experiences and emotions so they would be definitely interested in visiting such an extraordinary resort. In addition, combination of old-style decoration and newest technologies, pool, various entertainment zones, etc. and creepy environment should play a crucial role in the popularity of the resort.

As for the competitive advantage of the business concept, it is rather obvious – there are no such propositions on the market of tourism now. Therefore, pioneering in this area is the competitive advantage itself. Since there are no competitors (at the moment), it is possible to become the player number one on the market of extreme tourism in this location (Ukraineallaboutu).

Considering the specifics of the business venture, it is necessary to create certain level of expectations regarding the opening resort and services it can propose. Therefore, it is necessary to start promotional campaign in a month before opening. The plan is as follows:

  • Creation of the viral ads and placing them on the biggest news and social networks’ websites to attract attention;
  • Promote the appropriate movies and video games (Chernobyl Diaries, Transformers 3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (is probably one of the most famous) (IMDB; IMDB; Stalker-game);
  • Offer 30% discount to those who visit the resort for the first time after the opening;
  • After the opening, launch specialized website that would serve as the place to leave comments regarding staying at the hotel and sharing emotions regarding the tours to Pripyat`.

These activities should provide business with a successful start. Mystery of this location and various movies that mention Chernobyl only add attractiveness to this place in Ukraine. The country is one of the hosts of EURO 2012 so it should have become less unknown to the tourists all over the planet. Such venture has some risks related to the ethical considerations. However, it can provide this location with investments therefore, it can be positively accepted by the government and locals.

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