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Who is Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra was a well-known American songwriter, actor, producer, and jazz musician. Born in New Jersey in 1915, he became one of the popular jazz musicians of the 20th century. According to Turner (22), Sinatra has been one of the best-selling musicians in history having sold over 170 million records of his own around the world. Sinatra began his musical career as a solo artist competing against other artists such as Harry James.

The first album released by Sinatra in 1946 called ‘The Voices of Sinatra’ attracted the attention of the majority of people (Woog 31). Around 1950, his name became known all over the world as one of the best jazz performers. In 1953, he was voted as the best supporting actor for his album ‘From Here to Eternity. Between 1955 and 1960, he had recorded almost six albums among them being ‘Come Fly with Me’ and ‘In the Wee Small Hours.

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Turner (89) further opines that Sinatra became a musician after dropping out of school. He was inspired by Bing Crosby and decided to quit school and perform in nightclubs. Being constantly heard on radios, he was noticed by Harry James, with whom they released the album ‘All Nothing at All’. He then joined Tommy Dorsey’s band where they performed and released numerous albums for almost two years before quitting to perform on his own.

As a solo artist, he made great contributions to the music industry. Almost 17 of his songs appeared among the top ten singles. Sinatra’s songs inspired many not only due to the flow and voice but also the message he communicated through his songs. One of his songs, The House I Live in, which promoted religious and racial tolerance made him get a special award. His constant appearance on television made him famous, and as a result, he ventured into politics and campaigned for many politicians such as Ronald Reagan. However, during the post-war era, he lost many albums, and his popularity began to dwindle.

As outlined by Turner (201), Sinatra made a victorious comeback in 1953 and received an Oscar award for his album ‘From Here to Eternity. This made him sign a contract with Capitol Records thanks to which he featured in various films and release more songs as a jazz musician. One of the most memorable and notable awards won by Frank Sinatra is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This award was given to him by Ronald Reagan in 1985. According to Rojek (29), this is a special award given to very influential people who have made tremendous contributions.

One fascinating aspect about Frank Sinatra that makes him an important jazz musician is the fact that despite his splendid performance and winning many awards as a top singer, he never studied music at any level. Despite this, he showed a fine and great understanding of music. He continuously improved on every aspect of his songs and ensured that he produced good music. This made many people refer to him as a perfectionist. Additionally, he was known for his high standards of neatness and unique dressing codes in his recording.

Lastly, another vital thing that makes Frank Sinatra an important musician is the fact that he is the legend behind the introduction of pop music among the teens. Apart from his fine voice that attracted many people, Sinatra always ensured that his audiences got his attention and were satisfied with his performance. According to Woog (201), Frank Sinatra introduced a vital spirit, style, and music among the modern youths. Some of his jazz videos can be obtained from the link provided below: 

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