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Effective Human Resource

Effective managers realize that a substantial portion of their time should be devoted to planning. For the human resource manager, planning means the determination in advance of a human resource program that will contribute to goals establishment will involve the active and enlightened participation of the human resource manager, with his or her expertise in the area of human resources. In Hebrews 13:17, human resource is clearly brought out where it states that leaders should be obeyed and stick to the authority. Top authority keeps watching workers who deliver their services so that their work will not be a burden but to be a joy to everyone

A company without proper human resource planning may not be able to meet its future labor needs (a labor shortage) (Mamoria & Gankar, 2003). They may end up recourse to layoffs (in the case of a labor surplus). Human resource planning (HRP) is an act undertaken by a company to assure that there is the right total number and variety of employees in a company to carry out an undertaking output or work in the future (Cascio, 2006).

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A company cannot get all the workers needed from their present workers, and occasionally they just do not want to. Recruitment can be done in various ways e.g. through the internet which is a very effective way to connect with job seekers, forms of social media where many people network to find leads for jobs, etc (Matthewman, 2006). The job description should show the activities and skills and for that reason the training that the job requires.

The recruitment method best suits most of the companies since it stimulates the interest of an employee; it is a policy of a company, a satisfaction of the trade unions, and lessens the costs in recruitments.

Job analysis provides information about what the job entails and what human characteristics are required to perform these activities. This information, in the form of the job description and specifications, helps management on what to consider and what sort of people to recruit and hire. Alternatively finding internal candidates be an effective promotion from within the company instead of recruiting workers from outside the company, more staff from the second division can be recruited to the third division.

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As the human resource manager of the company, staffing will be done in the third division where there was understaffing to increase the number of employees. This could be done by finding appropriate employees with the best qualifications to recruit them. In my case, I would go with internal recruitment-it is where vacancies are filled from inside an organization by considering the employees serving in that organization.

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Workers in the second division permanently and casual/temporal workers can be considered to fill the top and lower jobs in the third division. An examination of personnel records (including application forms) in the second division may reveal employees who are working in jobs below their educational or skill levels. It may reveal persons who have the potential for further training or who already have the right background for the third division job.

Forecasting the availability of inside executive candidates is particularly important in succession planning- the process of ensuring a suitable supply of successors for current and future senior or key jobs, arising from business strategy so that careers of individuals can be planned and managed to optimize the organizations needs and the individuals aspirations (Armstrong, 2001). To fill it is most important executive positions.

After recruitment of more staff in the third division, labor demand may likely increase due to increase in demand for the company's products in services. After estimating demand and supply of labor for the future period, a company is faced with one condition from three of them, with each requiring a different set of response. From the first scenario, more staff that will be available from the second division will be needed. With the inclusion of training or retraining of the existing staff in the second division, preparation of the present staff in the second division to succeed to working positions in the third division (succession planning) and raise of the present staff from the second division

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Following the company's decision on its staffing needs, more staff will needed to be hired in order to fill the available positions. Separation of employees occurs when an employee stops being a member of a company. The goal is to reduce turnover and the costs incurred to replace employees.

An unintentional separation happens when management agrees to end its relationship with an employee as a result of economic necessity or poor fit between both the employee and the company. Unintentional separations are the outcomes of very serious and painful act that can have an effect, which is profound on the whole company, and in particular the employee who gets to lose his or her job.

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