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To What Extent Did the Progressive Movement Succeed? To What Extent Did It Fail?

America or The Land of Opportunities, as it is generally known, was not built in a day. There had been many great people that truly contributed in forming and shaping this great nation by their efficient ideas and skills. But American history has a mixed repercussion. No doubt, on the one hand, it has a golden past, but on the other hand, it also was built and destroyed many times but finally resulted in the formation of a truly developed country not only in terms of the economy and superpower but also in the context of new ideas and highly civilized place to live in. American history boasts of many of its great discoveries and inventions that changed the world, and in fact, many of them paved the way of progression and brought enlightenment in human lives whether it is Edison with his discovery of electricity or Alexander Graham Bell who invented telephone.

The one and only The Statue of Liberty which is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy was also gifted by the people of France to the Americans. This is not only a token of friendship, love, and democracy but also of Americas powerful history. Once upon a time, the slavery system divided the American society and culture, that was before the Civil War due to conflicts but it courageously overcame that period by shaping societies in similar locations. Today, America emerges as a strong and powerful nation not only for its present developed state but also largely due to its past history. So, it can be said that American history and its progressive movement have been progressing since time immemorial.

But, considering the other aspect, it can not be completely said that American movements have always been progressing. There have been many downfalls that have resulted in its failure. America has a golden history without any doubt but, as time passed, American progressive movement became very static. It is not necessary that American movement should be based on controlling other nations or acting as a police for the countries of the whole world. But, being a superpower, it has few obligatory duties that should be taken care of. It can act to facilitate the developing countries or socially and economically weaker countries to come out of their present state. It is quite true that America has taken many necessary steps to curb poverty, illiteracy, illnesses, unemployment, racism, environmental pollution, terrorists, etc. but still much is needed to be done to eradicate such pains and grieves from the world in which so far America and its movements has not been much successful. So, there are a lot of actions that still should be done for the betterment of humanity. There are many countries which are suffering a lot, theirs people are downtrodden; illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, malnutrition are at height but not much has been done so far to save the people from these misfortunes. With time, peoples sufferings have also increased, be it due to wars involving nuclear or chemical weapons or due to the increasing gap between rich and poor, many nations are still facing threats due to the few above mentioned causes, those of which are a great matter of concern and need immediate attentions. Considering all these factors, it can be said that the progressive movement has not been much succeeded but rather failed in various aspects.

Still, it will be unjustly to blame the American history or its movements of being failure because at present circumstances, there have been many ongoing movements and revolutions inside America. America is itself struggling with its few but major own internal problems like war against terrorism, increase in unemployment or other humanitarian movements touching very sensitive aspects of human life: The Gay Marriages or The Euthanasia Movement in America. It is very difficult even to concretely decide on such complex matter whether the nation should be entirely for or against it because it requires a lot of patience, strong determination, and formation of a common opinion for everybody. Although, the practice of euthanasia or mercy killing dates back to Ancient Greece and even beyond those periods, still its practice in the modern world and even in America has been questioned. And of course, it is equally difficult to form a common view on gays rights and their marriage issue. Within America itself, there are different laws in different states for gay rights because they are unable to accept a common law. Not only this but there are many other problems like the matter of illegal immigrants in America who are costing billions every year for healthcare, taxes, education, and many other services. So, all these issues need instant solutions not only for the betterment of American population but also for the progression of its nation. In spite of all these issues and debates, America is still trying its best to solve many global issues regarding environment, population, childcare, etc. that have truly been enthusiastic, ambitious and very helpful in changing the life of millions all over the globe.

Thus, in light of the above mentioned points and reasons, it can be concluded that the progressive movement has succeeded to a much greater extent than its failure.

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