Nov 2, 2017 in History

In the first years of the war, British forces were militarily superior to American ones because, in comparison to the Americans, the British troops were seasoned, better equipped, their officers were more experienced, and the navy was stronger. The Indian allies were quite helpful. Moreover, the British economy was much stronger than the American one and had access to more wealth. In addition, the British retreated their campaign till the winter months, which allowed increasing their forces by masking their military superiority and making sudden attacks. However, it is also essential that the champ of battle was new for them, which was a negative factor as they had no idea about the advantage point location or appearance and the terrain.

The Americans put much force to sustain the Revolution; especially the patriots of the Continental army, who has planned the surprising attacks against the army of Britain, should be emphasized. Their small victories should be marked out as a strong moral support for the American army. The important fact, which gave a chance for the further activity of the Continental army, was that British General Howe refused to destroy it but wanted them to surrender.

At first, France as a large nation provided the colonies with gunpowder, with a secret loan. Furthermore, it has opened up diplomatic negotiations with America. In 1778, France has signed the Treaty of Alliance with the American leaders against Britain. Consequently, they have contributed much to fighting for the American freedom.

Benjamin Franklin played an important role as an ambassador to France in 1776, since he convinced them to sign the Treaty of Alliance. His figure is important in the colonies unification and spreading the news about the battles around the colonies. One cannot neglect that he has also contributed much to writing and signing the Declaration of Independence.

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