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American Statesman Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was an American statesman and politician, diplomat, scholar, journalist, diplomatic representative of the North American colonies in the UK, and one of the Founding Fathers. He was one of the leaders who fought for the independence of the United States of America, and the first American who became a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Science. Additionally, he is also known in history for his inventions and leadership qualities that stand him out from the number of ordinary people.

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Benjamin Franklin was a pioneer and innovator in many areas. He is considered as one of the prominent inventors whose major success came to him after middle age. He is best known for his discoveries in the field of electricity and the invention of the lightning rod outset. He gave proof of the electrical nature of lightning and found that the metal tip, connected to the ground, removes the electric charges from the charged bodies without contacting them. Benjamin Franklin proposed the idea of an electric motor and demonstrated the electric wheel spinning by electrostatic forces. He received a patent for the design of the rocking chair and was the first person who used an electric spark for the gunpowder explosion. When he was 35 years old he invented the Franklin Stove. He also invented armonica and bifocals. As a developed personality, he was interested in everything. He even mapped the Gulf Stream and collected data about storm winds with explanations of their origin.

It is important to emphasize that Benjamin Franklin in comparison to Leonardo da Vinci did not try to hold his inventions in secret. Moreover, he was convinced that all discoveries should be open to the wide public as much as possible. Otherwise, many of them may never be implemented. Thanks to this view, he transformed the organization of society in some way. The only one of his works in the field of electricity made it possible to organize the modern society with different industries and important services. He also became a role model for many people who are looking for the proper way to develop their innovations or scientific approaches and apply them to their lives or jobs.

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Conceptual Approach

In comparison with other inventors and innovators, Benjamin Franklin used a conceptual approach in which he came up with sudden ideas coming one after another. He was convinced that it is very important to explore new areas and face new challenges. Benjamin Franklin knew that to discover something a person needs to use spontaneity and think outside the box. That is why he was a person who was particularly effective at innovation. Moreover, he was a very wise person and had great patience that made him a reasonable man. He was able to listen to the arguments and opinions of other people for many hours. If they were right, he could easily change his mind about the discussed topic. He thought that it is possible to make discoveries only when a person can change his or her mind. In comparison with many other people, this feature of his character was an important tool that allowed him to come up with many successful solutions and innovations.

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Benjamin Franklin is a good example to follow to develop some new ideas. He showed that new things could be effectively discovered through the conceptual approach. He also proved that age does not play a significant role, and people could come up with great solutions at different ages. The most important thing that people may learn from this man is that people can organize their efforts and successfully work with innovations not only in one field of study.

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