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Attending College

Attending college is one of the most important steps in a person’s life. Many people view college as the best way to mould an individual. Successfully completing all the preliminary levels is a requirement to secure a place in college. The prize of completing all levels is an inspirational entry to college. Securing a college degree increases the chances of an individual to better the society. Majority of societies role models have successfully completed college and achieved a better life. It is from college that one starts building a secure and bright future.  In modern society, papers go hand in hand with ones personality. Getting that job that one envies comes from having a college degree and especially from a reputable institution. The more one is educated the high reputation and the chance for a great job one gets. Education is a key factor to the development of a society. Successful college education is the source of realization of one’s dreams and, it forges the way to success.

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The experience of attending college in itself changes the life of an individual. Interacting with focused and talented minds of similar individuals helps one see things from a different perspective. Long lasting relations are conjured in college. It is the source of networked and cemented relationships that are helpful in shaping the future of an individual. The four years of college schooling mark the turning point of an individual’s life. The fruits reaped from perseverance of these years are countless. One gets a reputation in society as well as the self esteem of the individual is raised. Any person who wants to get a good job in the future is guaranteed that a good college degree will accomplish that. Advancement in technology requires well trained and experienced employees. These people are only available as graduates.


As a matter of fact, most employers nowadays are looking for employees holding a college degree. The employers tend to have confidence in their employees as they have studied and have a theoretical and practical approach of what is expected of them in the work place. The individuals are ready and showcase their abilities and effectively perform their roles in the organisation.  The world’s economic conditions have pushed everyone at the verge of desiring a good salary to meet living conditions. The organisational ladder has been upgraded with each rank requiring a good college degree. The higher the organisational rank of an individual, the higher the salary of the individual.  A student with a degree has a better chance of getting a good job, as opposed to one who does not. This is exactly what Durant(2014) mentioned in her article, “Average Social Spending and Salary By Educational Attainment Level.” Every profession has a different amount of salary. However, the salaries are directly proportional to the level of education attainment. It is recommendable to strive and secure a college degree to increase chances for a better life.

College Students

Contrary to non-college attendants, college students have an added advantage as more skills are imparted on them according to their majors. Good examples are computer science students who will acquire more knowledge on current trends in information systems and security. The practical application of such a subject is evident in everyday life communication and computing. As a result, the students can apply their earned skills to earn a living by the side. The research entailed in college studies requires advanced thinking and practical activities. This requirement forces students to focus their mind on current issues affecting the society. As a result, the students are able to develop solutions to these dilemmas thereby opening new avenues for exploitation and investment. It is evident in society that college graduates are majority lucrative business owners. Innovative ideas developed during the analysis process of a problem are particularly important in the creation of self employment. Common units offered in colleges further expose the students to common problems facing the society.  The skills are further useful as the graduates help upcoming learners to deal adjust to the environment and solve problems in their daily encounters. At the job market,  these skills come in handy during responsive decision making and responding to customer requirements and specifications.

What is more, the college teaches people on moral and social obligation towards friends, family and co-workers in their field of assignment. This promotes national unity and coexistence. Being an educated person is worth any price. Since a good name and reputation is to be admired than riches, college education merges the two. The titles endowed with a college education such as engineer, doctor or even professor earns an individual reputation. The person strives to maintain this elevated image of self to the society without tarnishing it. On the other, the society hand reciprocates by showing respect to the efforts of the individual in promoting the lives and well being of the society. Albert Einstein said, “Try not to become a man of success, by rather try to become a man of value.” This distinguishes between value and success. There are various ways some even crooked that one can become successful in life. However, it is through college education that one realizes the need to be a valuable vessel to the society in the pursuit of success.

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Studying in college improve the society as a whole. Positive impact is witnessed in a society that has educated members. Education is an effective weapon in social development. Engineers combine their efforts in construction work and foresee the development of an area. Doctors concentrate on improving the health and living conditions of the members of the society. On the other hand, teachers play a fundamental role in ensuring that the society is enlightened. They ensure that students fully explore their abilities and talents. These are some of the valuable positive impacts that are evident in society and people should appreciate the value of attending college.


In conclusion, understanding the benefits of attending college as outlined above is essential to making an informed decision. Education is the key to success and a better life. Attaining the highest level of education is a guarantee of a bright and successful life. For one to fully realize their dreams, attaining a college education is essential to making the dreams a reality.

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