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Virtue Coursework

Virtue can be defined as a positive quality or trait deemed to be good as a moral. Therefore, it is considered as the basis for good principles and ethical existence. Personal qualities are dignities appreciated for promoting cooperative and individual magnitude. Subsequently, this paper will analyze the virtue of love. This is a great virtue that unites people, solves problems, and prevents people from doing wrong (Blom, et al, 2008).

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Love can also be defined as kindness, patience, as well as feeling, which is not arrogant, envious, or rude. This paper seeks to analyze the importance of the love virtue and to elucidate how this virtue is applicable in real life.

The virtue of love can be seen in people as a community, group, individuals, or even a nation. Love is the basic principle of life that bars people from doing wrong things. From this point of view, it is evident that with the virtue of love one cannot harm the other if he loves him. From a Christian view, the virtue of love is defined as the biggest Commandment that connects all the other Commandments.

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Love demands personal sacrifice to ensure that a person cannot harm the people he/she loves. However, in times of trouble, an individual can even sacrifice himself to suffer for the sake of the people he/she loves (Jessica, et al, 2010). Love instigates people to work hard to make them able to provide for those they love. To explain the virtue of love, this paper will use an example of a real-life experience that I witnessed two months ago.

I was walking home after my normal duties of the day when I came across a burning house. It was unfortunate that the damage to the fire was so big that nobody agreed to enter the house. From my point of view, no property was saved from the fire, and little did I know a small boy was sleeping inside. At the same time, a woman, who appeared to be the owner of the burning house, arrived. She struggled past the surrounding crowd to the burning house. Firefighters and security personnel tried to stop her, but she was forced into the burning house. After a minute or two, the woman came out of the house, staggering because of the suffocating fire, and fell at the doorstep holding a small boy. The mother and her child almost stopped breathing when the firefighting team rescued them from the fire and took them to the ambulance where they were rushed to the hospital. I left the scene without a word, thinking a lot about the woman and the love she had for her son.

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In this real-life experience story, the virtue of love obviously outdid personal interest since it overcame all obstacles and even danger. This woman is an embodiment of a mother who loves her son to an extent of sacrificing her own life for the sake of the child. If this noble action had not been committed for love, the woman could have given up letting her son die in the fire.

However, the virtue of love gave the new courage that enabled her to overcome all the obstructions and made her walk into the burning house. As a result, the virtue of love helped the woman to save the life of her son. Firefighters and security personnel were there to offer their services, but they did not manage to rescue the baby because no motivation could force them to go beyond their duties. This story offers a moral lesson that explains the real meaning of love and the extent to which this virtue can positively influence a person. In the above-mentioned situation, the virtue of love is well demonstrated since this story enabled witnesses and those who heard about it to understand love.

The virtue of love originates from the way a person was brought up and the priorities that were available during his/her childhood. This virtue can also be inherited or learned from religious-based institutions. For instance, in the Christian faith, the Bible terms love as the basic foundation that prevents a man from doing evil. The main goal that love can achieve is happiness both for an individual and for those he loves. Love brings joy, hope, and trust (Peterson & Seligman, 2004).

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The virtue of love prevents a person from placing too much importance on material return. In the veracious story told above, the woman did not save the boy to earn any favor or take something in return. The virtue of love enables individuals to live for one another expressing concern and care that help them fight against any hardship they come across. The virtue of love is practical and theological. This means that it is supposed to be the deed that heads to the understanding of the morals of man and the whole world.

In conclusion, love is a basic requirement in life that is built from the first day of a man's existence since a person relies on a mother's love for survival. It is learned and adopted from parental love and later developed to make a person handle happy and challenging moments in life. Virtue assists mankind to make some decisions that do not rely on any pleasure or material interest. These decisions add value to human life and improve individuals' character making a person admirable. From this perspective, the virtue of love is realized owing to continuous observations of one's actions about outcomes and expectations.

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